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Emailed article castigates First Lady Michelle. Obama for requiring a paid staff of Jackie Kennedy one; Laura Bush one; and. prior to Mamie Eisenhower social  Nov 13, 2008 Curtis Sittenfeld, author of a novel based on Laura Bush, on her first lady fixation —and what to make of Mrs Obama.

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Feb 27, 2009 In the midst of all this serious stuff like massive spending, effect on our future economy and structure of our country, I needed a bit of frivolous  Oct 6, 2009 First Lady Michelle Obama has. an unprecedented number of when even Hillary, only had three; Jackie. Kennedy one; Laura Bush one; and  Compare First Ladies : First Lady Michelle LaVaughn Obama vs First Lady Laura Lane Bush View the best information side-by-side. to think like an expert Aug 4, 2009 July 31, 2009 By MB. Snow. There has been some discussion of Michelle Obama's. staff payroll compared to Laura Bush's Here are the results  Mar 4, 2011. Allegations that Michelle Obama. has an excessively large staff. Laura Bush -- around 25 people -- and is based. on a similar staffing model,"  For her husband's 2001 gala, Mrs Bush chose a crystal-embellished gown in vivid ruby from home-state designer Michael Faircloth The Chantilly lace. design   Jul 7, 2013 Last week she joined her predecessor, Laura. Bush, at a Summit for African First First ladies Laura Bush and Michelle Obama at the African First Ladies. Fact vs Fiction by Henry Louis Gates Jr Culture Kerry Washington  Jul 2, 2013 In Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Tuesday to highlight the role of first ladies, Laura Bush and Michelle Obama sat down together to dish on their  Aug 12, 2010 The press to Michelle Obama -- be more like Laura Bush! Blog ››› August 12 Fox & Friends:. It's Obama Vs The Nuns Blog 7 hours and 16  Jun 14, 2013. As conservatives rage about the cost of Obama's Africa trip, it is important to remember What these same people don't tell is that. George and Laura Bush loved to go to V/V, both networks gets things right sometimes too
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Aug 12, 2010. You see, it was really all about "optics " The whole controversy about Michelle Obama's recent private vacation in Spain with her daughter was  Q: Does a college classmate of Michelle Obama work for CGI Federal? with 19 staffers, and Laura Bush with at least 18 and perhaps more, weren't far behind Jul 9, 2013. With the attention (sometimes quite negative) Michelle Obama receives for assuredly fail to keep pace with Laura Bush's record-setting feat. Jul 2, 2013. Men vs Women Who gives more to campaigns? She The People. Michelle Obama and Laura Bush commiserated. on the constrictions of  Jan 21, 2010. In her first year in the White House, Laura. Bush's personal rating was a bit and for Michelle Obama in November 2009 (50% favorable vs Angela Bassett. vs. SophiaTue Apr 02 2013-7 reply report. Michelle Obama is NO Jackie Kennedy. And Laura Bush would never have worn some of those god-awful casual outfits that Michelle does when traveling and deplaning ShortyFri  Jul 20, 2010 The Difference between Michelle Obama & Laura Bush Oct 4, 2011 Laura Bush, during the same Africa trip noted above, toured. FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA'S VISIT. TO SOUTH AFRICA AND BOTSWANA  Laura Bush prepares for first. solo trip abroad … Bush to travel overseas (Paris, Budapest, Prague) & take staff but not Michelle Obama ? Oct 24, 2011. A media research firm says Michelle Obama has gotten nearly 30000 more than tripling the attention paid her predecessor, Laura Bush,  Notice in the photo to the left that Michelle. Obama is flashing a Satanic hand sign George and Laura Bush, Dick Cheney, Barack and Michelle Obama, Bill and  Jul 2, 2013 Yesterday first lady Michelle Obama and former first lady Laura Bush met in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for the African First Ladies Summit , Jun 24, 2011 But in interviews with Laura Bush in 2007 and 2010, ABC questioned the then- First MICHELLE OBAMA: I don't know if it means anything different for me as an African American. the media coverage of Laura vs Michelle May 30, 2012 Michelle Obama maintains a high. favorability rating, 66%, among of the prior two first ladies positively, with Laura Bush averaging a 73% 
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Approve Disapprove. No opinion % %. % Michelle Obama. 2009 Apr 20-21 79 8 13 Laura. Bush 2006 Jan 20-22 ^. 82 13. 6 2005 Jan 7-9 85 8 7. Feb 20, 2012 Michelle Obama is almost worse than her husband. Have you. Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Reagan, Jackie Kennedy. Tea Party. vs Jul 2, 2013. DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania – Michelle Obama and Laura Bush held what looked like a first. Michelle Obama, appearing at the George W Bush Institute's first annual African First Ladies http://www youtube com/watch?v. Jul 2, 2013 Remarks by First Lady Michelle Obama and First Lady Laura Bush. in a Conversation at the African First Ladies Summit  There are stories going around that Michelle Obama spent over 10 million dollars last How much did Laura Bush spend on the same stuff? First Lady Michelle Obama and her immediate predecessor, Laura Bush, are expected to speak at a ceremony next month honoring victims of the Sept. Dec 19, 2013 May 31, 2013: Former U. S President. George W Bush (L) walks next to U S first lady Laura Bush (2nd R) walks next to first lady Michelle Obama before the Views of Clinton are far more positive: 70 percent favorable vs Apr 22, 2012 Lately, Michelle Obama is no stranger to television entertainment She's already outpaced past first ladies, like Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton,  Jun 20, 2013. This week, Michelle and daughters Malia and Sasha. hitched a ride on Air Force One to the G8. V Roth, I'm sorry sir, but attacking presidential largesse, whether from Michele Obama or Laura Bush, or any and all of their  Oct 27, 2013. Nobody ever called laura bush a bitch every time michelle obama says anything http://www youtube com/watch?v=NxsRc_l7NzE 8:49 PM  Feb 17, 2011 Michelle Malkin weighed in, too, naming Mrs Obama one of her “Big It was Laura Bush, speaking to the “National. Health and Prevention  During her husband's second term in office, Laura Bush traveled overseas much more Roe v Wade should not. be overturned Mrs Bush, then the First Lady of Texas, Michelle Robinson Obama, also an attorney, was the third First Lady to   First Lady Michelle Obama wrangled up former First Ladies Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Bush and Rosalynn Carter at opening of the George W Bush 
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Aug 26, 2011. A good place to begin cutting would be Michelle Obama's rather generous vacation programme Think about Barbara Bush or Laura Bush First Lady Michelle Obama and Former First Lady Laura Bush attended. a summit on African women in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania The two reflected on. what they  Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama (born January 17, 1964), an American lawyer and. The Obamas have received advice from past first ladies Laura Bush, She said that the US Supreme Court delivered justice in the Lawrence v Apr 25, 2013 Barbara Bush (L) and Laura Bush (R) wait as US President Barack Obama (2L), former US. (L-R) First lady Michelle. Obama, U S President Barack Obama, former first lady Barbara Bush. Miami Heat v New York Knicks  Jan 25, 2010 Michelle Obama is an "amazingly traditional" first lady, according to Wake Forest University Professor of Political Science Kathy Smith, who has  Apr 28, 2012 RELATED: Dick Morris: Michelle Obama's Spain Trip, Unlike Clinton It's One. Girl Vs a Monster in Broken Age's Vella Trailer. · Things We Saw Today:. Why isn't it know on one of Laura Bush's vacations, she took Af1 along  Sep 3, 2012. OVERNIGHT ENERGY: Pipeline versus railcar Michelle Obama will not need to convince the Democratic base that her husband is a good guy, nor introduce him and her family “Laura Bush was always incredibly popular. Nov 10, 2008. Although the media completely looked the. other way, Laura Bush did something and involves not just brown versus red but white versus brown. Tags: Barack Obama George Bush, Laura Bush Michelle Obama, Laura  Unlikely Trio Laura Bush, Colin Powell, Dick Cheney Appear in Same-Sex Marriage Advocacy Advertisement Laura Bush vs. German Chef:. Was She Barack and Michelle Obama are having coffee with George and Laura Bush right now! Dec 12, 2013 ht air force one bush kb 131211 16x9 992 Bush Obama Vs Sarkozy Michelle Obama, President George W. Bush and Laura Bush board Air  Oct 4, 2011 Obama Family trips are expensive, are necessary experts say I want everyone to know that I am deeply in love with Laura Bush Panties of  Feb 25, 2013. Michelle Obama's surprise appearance at Sunday night's Academy Awards referring to Laura Bush's appearance. in a taped segment that ran  Jul 2, 2013 The two men's wives also met, when Laura Bush opened an African First Ladies Summit alongside Michelle Obama, before they both took part 
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Oct 15, 2013 US first lady Michelle Obama, former US first lady Laura Bush and first ladies from eight African Boa vs crocodile: which is the winner? Aug 12, 2011 First Lady Michelle Obama over the last year has spent a total of 42. and The Hamburgler http://www youtube com/watch?v=DyK5-kJ-je8. Can you post the highest number of days on vacation Laura Bush took in a year Jul 2, 2013 Michelle Obama likens living in the White House to being confined in a “really nice 130702083008-michelle-obama-laura-bush-story-top  Jan 21, 2013 Michelle Obama wore a bright red gown. made of chiffon and velvet and 2005: Laura Bush wore light blue, long sleeves, and sparkly stuff. Jun 5, 2013 First Lady Michelle Obama is known for her incredible intelligence, I can't help but think that if Hillary Clinton or Laura Bush had done the  Sep 8, 2009 Former first lady Laura Bush praised the performance of her husband's successor. Monday, breaking with many Republicans in telling CNN that  Michelle Obama sparks fury after splashing out on $6,800 designer jacket for Laura Bush's clothing expense. was never questioned Jul 2, 2013. Former First Lady Laura Bush also met with First Lady Michelle Obama on July 2, 2013 in Tanzania. The two participated in the African First  Sep 27, 2013 Former First Lady Laura Bush on how the. Bush Center is building on the U. S President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief to the fight Mac Pro vs Michelle Obama and Laura Bush open African First Ladies' Summit - video Nov 6, 2012. An analysis of the emails sent to me by the Obama and Romney roughly equal on the number of emails coming from Michelle Obama vs Ann Romney or Laura Bush pushed literacy issues, being. a librarian, and Michelle 
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Laura Bush received the first bottle in 2005, thanking CREED in a note sent to Paris Michelle Obama wears it as well, Washingtonian Magazine reports In 2006  Jul 31, 2012. Michelle Obama has been criticized for not dressing up enough for Queen Elizabeth II, so she. Good question, V, but here's. an equally good one But after such a great first lady like Laura Bush is hard to fill the shoes Mar 24, 2013. President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama arrive at the Women's History Month. After her husband's re-election in 2004, Laura. Bush spoke out forcefully against human rights. Rogelio V Solis / AP file Dec 10, 2013 In the already widely circulated image, Michelle Obama is sitting to the. There is also an image, shared by Goldie Taylor, of Laura Bush How Nick Cave Lost His V-Card, and More. From the Rocker's Sundance Doc Aug 21, 2009 If you pay taxes then you are paying for Michelle Obama's servants, er, " assistants" (I am not referring to Laura Bush here–she had a taxpayer-funded staff as well BTW, as was alraedy stated, this is not a Republican vs Jul 2, 2013 Obama and his Republican predecessor plan to. appear together briefly Tuesday, when by. Meanwhile, first lady Michelle Obama and Laura Bush planned to appear together on a panel at LIVE New Zealand V West Indies Nov 22, 2013 Cottle pays lip service to the racial. limitations of Michelle Obama's one of the worse presidents in american. history BUT Laura Bush did push 
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May 29, 2011 Here's a shocker: Michelle Obama has trouble keeping staff. article goes on to suggest that Laura Bush had a similar level of turnover, when,  Jul 1, 2013. George and Laura Bush are headed to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, on Monday — as are Barack and Michelle Obama. oddly, based on trade versus Bush's aid- based endowment — but he doesn't have many choices Mar 17, 2009 By choosing Fort Bragg for her first official trip outside the capital last Thursday, Michelle Obama signaled that she will use her position as First  Sep 5, 2012 Laura Bush 2004. 67 44 15 77. 7. 77 Tipper. Gore 2000 74 76 15 28. 6 63 Laura Bush 2000 71. 74. 12. 92 6. 46 Ann Romney 2012. 80. 33 Sep 29, 2012 So what she objects to is Michelle Obama doing athletic stuff. And here's one of Laura Bush in shorts E g. http://www jcpenney com/dotcom/xersion%25e2% 2584%25a2-short-sleeve-v-neck-graphic-tee/prod jump? Oct 9, 2012. President Obama, as his. predecessors George W Bush and Bill. by Think Progress, 7 stating that Laura Bush was "adamant that in ALL. In a 2008 article about First Lady Michelle Obama, published in The New Yorker: 8. " Aug 14, 2012 First lady Michelle Obama, left, Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas and. She's extremely contradictory. in her actions versus her words is that the roles would be reversed in this had been Laura Bush and the bashing  Jul 2, 2013 In addition, ABC News' Cokie Roberts will moderate an historic conversation with First Ladies Michelle Obama and Laura Bush during the  Nov 14, 2012 It's a cover up: Michelle. Obama versus Ann Romney. Reagan to Hillary Clinton to Laura Bush (he even. made Jenna Bush's wedding dress),  Jun 26, 2012 Ann Romney, left, and Michelle Obama will go. head-to-head in a cookie recipe contest Turns. out Then, sweet-toothed voters baked up Tipper Gore's gingersnaps and Laura Bush's Texas. The cookies:. It's Mrs. Obama vs Jul 14, 2009 No, Michele Obama does not get paid to serve as the First Lady and she doesn't perform any official duties. Tallying Laura Bush's staff from the list provided by Froomkin totals $561,325 in. And as for Laura. Bush vs
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Aug 6, 2010 While first lady Michelle Obama continues sightseeing and shopping in southern a public figure," Anita McBride, the chief of. staff for former first lady Laura Bush, told me Harrison Dietzman : Heather MacDonald et al vs. Jun 1, 2012. President Obama hosted ex-President. Bush and Laura Bush on Thursday for. to a Laura Bush bobblehead doll and Michelle Obama's promise to hang the Bush Meat-eaters versus carnivores: Is your diet killing wolves? Jan 29, 2013 It's less clear whether the first lady, Michelle Obama, will undergo a similar of Barack Obama, which is not unusual for. first ladies — Laura Bush's were. of George. W Bush, versus a nine per cent difference for the Obamas,  Dec 24, 2010 George. W and Laura Bush spent Christmas in. 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, Class vs. Crass: Lucy Hayes vs Michelle Antoinette. Obama  Mar 4, 2009 He posited that with Michelle Obama in the spotlight, there's no room in. had to quibble and nitpick and say that Laura Bush is strong, too… While Michelle Obama is the First Lady, and is typically identified on the news Laura Bush did. use Mrs. Laura Bush sometimes on invitations while she was in  May 8, 2012 A search of “obama vacation days vs george w bush” surfaced this piece, I do thnk both Hussein and Michelle. should take one more vacation ! The 5 trips that Laura Bush took to Africa were on a Humanitarian Mission 
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Jul 2, 2013. Michelle Obama and Laura Bush in Tanzania (Read More: 10 Ways YOU Pay For Michelle Obama To Live Like A Queen ) Roberts opened the subject. by saying that Martha VIDEO: Armed. Carjacker Vs Armed Citizen  Aug 17, 2009 Michelle Obama, as we reported. on July 7, is not served by Laura Bush was far from a fiscal conservative. during her time in the White House  Jun 5, 2013. Without having video of this encounter between First Lady Michelle Obama and so disrespectful to Laura Bush or Hilary Clinton. as a black woman, and certainly I The Racialicious. Links Roundup 12 19 13: Jim Brown vs. Jan 8, 2014 And this list does not include Michelle Obama's immense cost for her to travel Please do not hold legion to a party vs the truth. For the 18 we could identify as working for Laura Bush in 2008, the total is $1 4 million. ” Check out the latest pictures, photos and images of George W Bush Updated:. George W Bush Oakland Raiders v Houston Texans Source: Michelle Obama Laura Bush · Politicians Attend Symposium on Advancing Afghan Women Jan 21, 2013. Michelle Obama glares, rolls eyes at John Boehner in between. First Lady vs Lady Gaga. First Lady Laura Bush Visits Bagram Air Field  Dec 4, 2012. While Laura Bush was the First Lady. of the new millennium, the. Michelle Obama had a more urgent issue to address by Sunnyjane. vs Watch videos of. Michelle Obama Growing up in the small community of Midland, Texas, Laura Bush fell in love with books at an early age Literacy, gender 
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Feb 26, 2013 Asked what he thought about Michelle Obama's live-via-satellite. O'Reilly said Laura Bush -- who was featured in a video package that ran  Jun 19, 2008 And Laura Bush replied, "I think. I'll be more like Laura Bush " Little Washington "insider. Versus outsider" experience 3 Michelle Obama clearly has a load of anger inside her which pops out as she makes comments Oct 24, 2012 First Lady Michelle Obama can charm talk-show hosts, deliver winning Unlike Laura Bush, however, Michelle Obama hasn't kept her  Dec 11, 2013 President Obama then showed his utter disregard. for the dignity of the office he Michelle Obama vs Prime Minister of Denmark at Mandela's  Jun 21, 2006 Popular speakers at past ALA conferences: Bush-bashers Richard wacky responses to Laura Bush's ALA invite from left-wing librarians, Obama administration enlists nation's. librarians to sign people up for Obamacare Aug 9, 2010. WASHINGTON--Michelle Obama and daughter. Sasha returned from Spain on Sunday, for all americans and. he becomes a marxist michelle takes a vacation, like laura bush did in VS | August 10, 2010 6:34 PM | Reply. Since 1992, when Hillary Clinton and Barbara. Bush bumped spatulas, our First. Michelle Obama's Mama Kaye?s White and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies Jun 20, 2008 vs. Michelle Obama being proud of this nation: What's love got to do with it? Abrams showed Laura Bush's support of Michelle Obama in  Jul 19, 2011 The article, which became a chain letter viewed by millions of Americans, reported that Michelle Obama requires more than twenty attendants  Feb 2, 2011 Then there is Michelle Obama, an elegant woman, an Ivy League In fairness, Laura Bush also dressed well. and carried herself well and  Aug 23, 2010 President Obama and his family have started an August vacation in Martha's Vineyard, Maybe Laura Bush went to Spain with 20 or 30 of her friends, I don't recall Call it like it is, Michelle Obama. paid for her own vacation

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