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Jan 21, 2013 Presidential Shade: First Lady Michelle Obama Rolls Her Eyes At John Boehner. Jan 21, 2013. Here's are some GIFs of a momentous occasion: Michelle Obama rolling her eyes at something John Boehner said at the Inauguration Day 

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Jan 23, 2013. What did he say to make the first lady roll her eyes? Lip reader says. Boehner cracked a joke about the president's smoking habit Jan 22, 2013 Everyone has been wondering what exactly Speaker John Boehner said that. made First Lady Michelle Obama roll her eyes at the inauguration  Jan 21, 2013 As President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) shared a traditional lunch in the Capitol Building after the president's  Jan 23, 2013 Chances are we'll never know for certain what House Speaker John Boehner. said to the president on Inauguration Day to prompt Michelle  Jan 23, 2013 Washington (CNN) -- If President Barack Obama's relationship with House. Speaker John Boehner was contentious in the past, he certainly  Feb 26, 2013 Contrary to what today's GIF-happy media would have you believe, Michelle Obama's famous eye-roll was not an accurate indication of her  Jan 22, 2013 Wenig believes John Boehner is asking President Obama whether he had a. referring to Michelle, which prompted the first lady's big eye roll Jan 22, 2013 In the streets and ballrooms of the U S capital, for most of Monday's posturing, poem-reading, parading and partying, inaugural celebrants  Jan 21, 2013. From Yahoo News: Monday's post-inaugural luncheon was a case study in. body language--and nearly all of the physical evidence centered on  Jan 23, 2013 A lip reader says the First Lady objected to Boehner and Barack Obama's conversation about smoking cigarettes. Jan 21, 2013 Watch the first lady react to whatever Speaker of the House John Boehner just said, and take notes — this is master-class material.
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Jan 23, 2013. Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) doesn't think First Lady Michelle Obama was necessarily rolling her eyes at him when she was  Jan 21, 2013 Michelle Obama Eye Roll Caught On Camera Michelle Obama rolls her eyes. at John Boehner Michelle Obama is NOT impressed: First Lady  Jan 22, 2013. By now, the entire globe has probably heard about the eye roll cast upon House of Representatives' House Speaker John Boehner by First  Jan 21, 2013 FLOTUS Michelle Obama got caught rolling her eyes (not once, but. twice) at John Boehner during the Inauguration Day luncheon. Jan 22, 2013 Did Michelle Obama roll her eyes at John Boehner? During Monday's inauguration luncheon, the First Lady appeared to give the Republican  Jan 22, 2013. theGRIO REPORT - First lady Michelle Obama appeared to be irritated by Speaker of the House John Boehner at the Inauguration Day  Jan 22, 2013 During the inaugural lunch, the first lady did not find the conversation. between President Obama and John Boehner amusing and made her  Jan 22, 2013 Michelle Obama gave John Boehner a side-eye so epic that I want to give her eyes the Nobel Peace Prize for shade. Jan 21, 2013 Twitter users cannot help but to speculate on two. small happenings at the 2013 inauguration Jan 23, 2013 Michelle Obama's eye roll was arguably the best moment of the inauguration, but what was it that Speaker of the House John Boehner said to  Jan 22, 2013 Raw video: First lady not impressed by speaker's comment. Jan 21, 2013 Michelle Obama was clearly not impressed by House Speaker John Boehner at the inaugural luncheon on Monday, as a camera caught her  Jan 21, 2013. By now you have all seen this gif of this tumblr, of Michelle Obama. rolling her eyes at John Boehner like she is a 14-year-old girl It has been  Jan 22, 2013. At a post-inaugural luncheon, First Lady Michelle Obama found herself her husband and House Speaker John. Boehner as she ate her meal Jan 22, 2013 By now, most of the world has had the pleasure of seeing what will. surely go down down as the most epic eye roll in world history But what did 
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Jan 21, 2013 First lady Michelle Obama and House Speaker John Boehner agreed on one thing, according to President Obama "Michelle and the speaker  Jan 23, 2013. First Lady Michelle Obama and House Speaker John Boehner at During the mouthwatering Inauguration Lunch, First Lady Michelle Obama  Jan 23, 2013. House Speaker. John Boehner One interaction in particular has already become an Internet meme today: Michelle Obama rolling her eyes  Jan 22, 2013 But none of this holds a candle to. our gurl Michelle Obama - and of the House's John Boehner during the post-inauguration luncheon  First Lady Michelle Obama was clearly not impressed by House Speaker John Boehner during the traditional inauguration lunch at the Capital building Monday Sep 3, 2013. Of course: John Boehner supports Obama's call for military action against Syria Jan 21, 2013 This was at today's inauguration dinner, in between shoveling food into her mouth she made it a point to glare and then roll her eyes at John  Jan 22, 2013. Perhaps none of them spread on the Internet as fast as a video of Michelle. Obama sitting between President Barack Obama and House  Jun 6, 2013. Michelle Obama recently confronted. a heckler during a speech Check out a. That time John Boehner had a conversation behind her back Jan 23, 2013. What prompted Michelle Obama's epic eye roll at House Speaker John Boehner? Inside Edition thinks they have it figured out. We asked expert  Jan 22, 2013 Having a smoke is no joke to Michelle Obama A lip reader claims Speaker John Boehner's question. about cigarettes at the inaugural luncheon  Jan 22, 2013 Check out this moment during a lunch at the Capitol building during Monday's inauguration festivities Watch news story and political  First Lady Michelle Obama rolls her eyes in reaction to House Speaker John Boehner at a post-inauguration luncheon. Page. 3 Jan 21, 2013 Michelle Obama rolls her eyes at John Boehner at Inaugrual lunch Jan 21, 2013 Michelle Obama gave an eye roll at the inaugural lunch on Monday as John Boehner was speaking to her husband next to her
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Jan 22, 2013 The world is wondering just what it was that House Speaker John Boehner said during the Inaugural Luncheon that caused First Lady Michelle  Nov 25, 2013. Before we stuff ourselves with stuffing and trim the tree this Thanksgiving, TIME asks some public figures—from Michelle Obama to Rick Warren  Dec 19, 2013. For John Boehner, the House speaker from Ohio who is now on the tea Michelle Obama, the near perfect first lady, ordinarily would get a  Mar 20, 2013 John Boehner finally concedes President Obama 'didn't want' the sequester. Senator Obama may become President. Obama, and Michelle  Jun 6, 2013. Barack Obama and John. Boehner are pictured | AP Photo Michelle Obama confronts protester at private fundraising event Updated: 6/7/13  Oct 1, 2013 John Boehner Featured, Mocked in Latest "Wrecking Ball" Parody. by Hilton. John Boehner on Michelle Obama Eye Roll: No Clue! by Free  Jan 21, 2013 Presidential Shade: First Lady Michelle. Obama Rolls Her Eyes At John Boehner. Jan 21, 2013 Michelle Obama could only roll her eyes when Boehner was Obama actually seems somewhat cordial to John Boehner, House Speaker. Jan 26, 2013 Lip reader figures out what John Boehner said that made Michelle Obama roll In the conversation, with Obama and. Boehner leaning back to  Jan 21, 2013 Michelle Obama rolls her eyes at Speaker Boehner (A GIF for the masses) John Boehner (R-OH) said got a reaction out of First Lady Michelle  Search Results for John Boehner GIFs on Giphy 28 GIFs found for. john boehner #2013 inauguration #barack obama #john boehner #michelle obama. Michelle Obama Rolls Her Eyes at John Boehner at the Inauguration Day luncheon Boehner was a guest at the White House for coffee before  Jan 22, 2013 A video captures First Lady Michelle Obama rolling her eyes at House Speaker John Boehner Jan 23, 2013 A controversial start to President Obama's next four years This time, from an unlikely. source: his wife, Michelle. Elephant in the. room was  Michelle Obama throws shade at John Boehner Jan 22, 2013 On Monday, we talked about First Lady Michelle Obama and the eye-roll seen. ' round the world after House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio)  Jan 21, 2013 A YouTube video reveals that Michelle Obama apparently was not pleased. with House Speaker John Boehner, who was seated next to her at 
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Oct 8, 2013 Late this morning, the President telephoned Speaker John Boehner from the Oval President Obama Holds the First. Cabinet Meeting of 2014 Sep 21, 2013 John Boehner does a victory dance for a battle he wanted to. The only man in Washington less willing to. fight than Barack Obama is John Boehner. free online Android programming course · PHILLIPS: Michelle Obama: A  Sep 27, 2013 John Boehner (hereinafter and sometimes referred. to as "Boner") is a liar different than if they took Michelle Obama or Nancy Pelosi hostage Oct 7, 2013. @thegibbyzone just kill john boehner and michelle baccmann, they are domestic terroists that dont give a shit Brian Williams bows to Obama  Oct 6, 2013 Neither House Speak John Boehner nor President Obama are backing down in the fight over Michelle Obama won't rule out plastic surgery. FILE - In this May 13, 2009, file. photo, first lady Michelle Obama 20, 2013 file photo, President Barack Obama speaks; House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio  Mar 20, 2012 First lady Michelle Obama appeared on David Letterman's show last. come home and said to you, 'Oh, that John Boehner, what an idiot'?" Jan 21, 2013 At the inaugural celebration, Obama actually seems. somewhat cordial to John Boehner, House Speaker But Michelle is much. too busy  Jan 22, 2013. I know that. look And it's not good. Unlike President Obama who can still play nice with Republicans who vilify him on a daily basis – Michelle  Jan 21, 2013 Michelle Obama was clearly not impressed by House Speaker John Boehner. at the inaugural luncheon on Monday, as a camera caught her  Jan 22, 2013. First lady Michelle Obama was serving up the latter when she delivered this epic eye roll directed at Speaker of the House John Boehner (as 
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Jan 21, 2013 So, why did we post this? I'll tell you why Because with all of the real issues you could find on this web site, Common Sense Conspiracy  Mar 19, 2012 CBS Hypes Michelle Obama's Latest 'Fashion. Milestone,' Skimps on Obama ' Has Your Husband' Ever Said To You 'John Boehner, What An  Mar 20, 2012 Even David Letterman's ridiculous questions. can't throw the FLOTUS off of her game Dec 10, 2013 And then there was the latest instance. of Michelle Obama giving "le. John Boehner "epic stink-eye" at the inaugural luncheon in January Jan 21, 2013 President Barack Obama, from left, with first lady Michelle Obama, Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-Ohio, and his wife Deborah Gunlack,  Jan 21, 2013 At the inaugural celebration, Obama actually seems. somewhat cordial to John Boehner, House Speaker. But Michelle is much too busy  Jan 23, 2013. by Isi Esene We might never know exactly what transpired between Michelle Obama and House Speaker, John Boehner, but the US First  Nov 29, 2013. The Irony: John Boehner Signs Up. For Obamacare, Ends Up With. Michelle Obama Tells Reverend Al Sharpton No One Should Have to  Jan 22, 2013 Michelle Obama went viral on Monday and not because of her Wenig believes John Boehner is asking. President Obama whether he had a  All Indecision Blog posts tagged John Boehner Michelle Obama rolled her eyes at John Boehner again when he said “I don't really watch TV. I'm more into 
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Mar 21, 2013. John Boehner Tries to Blame Obama For The Sequester Flight. Rick Hillary / Michelle. Obama in 2016. that would make them pull their  Jan 22, 2013. Watch closely John Boehner engages Barack Obama at the Inaugural Dinner; but when he tries to get Michelle Obama's attention, she just  Nov 7, 2012. John Boehner,(R-Ohio), Speaker of. the House, gave President Obama. US President Barack Obama (2nd L), First Lady Michelle Obama (L),  Dec 3, 2013 House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, hires public policy expert Photo: President Obama, First lady Michelle. Obama speak to fasting  Jan 22, 2013. Either Michelle Obama really doesn't like to be interrupted while eating, or she really doesn't like John Boehner - it's hard to say which john boehner crying cries tan orange obama $1. 2 trillion speaker sad hill news-1 On 01 19 12, in , by Sad Hill john boehner crying Michelle Obama's Mirror Jan 22, 2013 Michelle Obama, John Boehner, Inauguration 2013, Barack Obama, President Obama, video, roll eyes, Michelle Obama Boehner, Michelle  Jan 21, 2013 First Lady Michelle Obama rolls her eyes (0:09 in clip) after House. Politico's John Harris: Gates Advanced His Profile At The Expense Of  "What the president is asking us to do just won't pass," Boehner told a small group of White House hopeful Michele. Bachmann called Mr Obama's remarks.   Jan 21, 2013 I don't know what was going in, but Michelle Obama was not feeling whatever. John Boehner was trying to say, check out this GIF and video of  Home » Posts tagged. with » John Boehner. President And Michelle Obama Visit Fasting Immigration Activists Immigration activists fasting. to protest the lack of  Jan 21, 2013 Michelle Obama is getting a little attention after today's inaugural luncheon Sitting between President Obama and John Boehner, the first lady  Oct 16, 2013 As reported at The Politico, House. Speaker John Boehner will hold First Lady Michelle Obama Rolls Her Eyes At Boehner As He Jokes With  Oct 4, 2013 Democrats have long assailed House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) 6:31 AM EST President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama 
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Jan 21, 2013. If we had to caption this GIF, we'd probably call on a line from Kendrick Lamar's " Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe": Talk too motherfucking much, I got  Dec 22, 2011 Boehner and Republicans are doing a great job of getting Obama re-elected Speaker of the House John Boehner flipped on the payroll tax cut deal and they all) dropped the "F" bomb. on michelle obama the other day Dec 5, 2012 Speaker Boehner declines to be photographed with President Obama at a holiday party Michelle Cottle on the roots of political pettiness—and  Sep 3, 2013 On Tuesday, Speaker of the House John Boehner and House Majority Golden on Legacy · Our Playlist for Michelle Obama's 50th Birthday  Jan 22, 2013. FLOTUS Michelle Obama threw what is arguably THE BEST. the first lady react to whatever Speaker of the House John Boehner just said,  Jan 23, 2013 Michelle Obama Gives John Boehner The Freeze Media-Whore D'Oeuvres " But John Boehner and Harr The Epic Chris Christie Rant  To: SPEAKER JOHN BOEHNER. AND HOUSE LEADERSHIP Tell. John Last Friday, President and Michelle Obama visited us to share a message of support Oct 7, 2013. President Obama on Monday challenged Speaker John Boehner, Cases of bubbly arrive at White House before Michelle Obama's 50th party Jan 25, 2013. Michelle Obama Rolls Her Eyes Over. Boehner at Inaugural Luncheon her eyes , which seemed to come as House Speaker John Boehner 
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Oct 9, 2013 President Obama called out congressional Republicans who'd rather. save face than save the nation by agreeing to open the government Ahmed and Alicia breakdown Michelle Obama's eye roll, which seemed to be directed at John Boehner Jan 22, 2013 Michelle Obama attracts attention in her own right, and generally for the right reasons But yesterday, at the inaugural luncheon, sitting between  Sep 3, 2013 USA Today published a column written. by John Boehner yesterday Michelle Obama Promotes Drinking Water; Rush Limbaugh Comes Out  Committed to get Speaker John Boehner and the least productive Congress in the history of the. Impeach John Boehner shared Michelle Obama's photo. Find and follow posts tagged john boehner on Tumblr. Pelosi Michelle Obama Eric Holder Michael Moore Matt Lauer John Boehner James Carville Jay Carney Elizabeth Warren Timothy Geithner Piers Morgan Bill   Jan 24, 2013 Knowing what he said now, we think you would have rolled your eyes too Photos tagged "John. Boehner" Barack Obama and Joe Biden and John Boehner photo captioned by John L Barack Obama and Joe Biden and John Boehner  Jan 21, 2013 Hat tip: RealClearPolitics. com Michelle Obama rolls her eyes after House Speaker cracks a joke to President Obama at the luncheon that took  Feb 10, 2011. Mr. Boehner is tired of being queried about his habit, saying to Washington's best-known chain smoker is Speaker of the House John Boehner However, on Tuesday, First Lady Michelle Obama ignited more talk about 
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Dec 10, 2013. After the wonderful side eye Michelle Obama gave John Boehner during a luncheon after the president's second inauguration, we all had a lot  House Speaker John Boehner Announces Support. for Obama's Planned Military Michelle Obama Rolls Her Eyes at Something House Speaker John Boehner  Jan 9, 2014 Reid: John Boehner has 'lot of gall' to fault Obama for Iraq unrest; Guess Michelle. • 2 hours ago. I just sent "my friend" Harry a tweet asking  Sep 3, 2013 Speaker John Boehner, left, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, right, flank President Obama and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi at the White House last week 50 photos for Michelle Obama's 50th birthday. Jan 22, 2013. The interwebs are outraged! Outraged I tell ya! I'm not sure how I missed this juicy , scandalous, page 1 piece of raw political red meat, but  Oct 14, 2013. For the full letter to John Boehner and Congress, CLICK HERE Michelle Obama's lunch program is killing more students than any other  Jan 21, 2013 Umm, Why Is Boehner's Wife Snatching & Stuffing Swag Into Her Purse? If looks could kill John Boehner would be deader than his poor,  Jan 21, 2013. What shall we credit with Boehner's fluorescent complexion? HollywoodLifers, how do YOU think. John Boehner got his glow? Read Article?? 1 Michelle Obama Wears Naeem Khan To National Prayer Service Jan22  Oct 16, 2013 “We fought the good fight,” Boehner told conservative host Bill. Turning 50, Michelle Obama Focuses On Final Three Years In White House. Dec 28, 2013. Taxpayers Pay for Michelle Obama Extended Hawaiian Vacation · 1 day Obama Promises to Violate Constitution · Gun Owners: Be Careful if  Oct 6, 2013. So, now Michelle B is a slut and Boehner is gay? Similar to Barack Obama and his government shutdown Andrew Alberico john lieblich Jan 5, 2013. House speaker John Boehner speaks during the first session of the 113th or even the $400,000 that Boehner had negotiated with Obama, 

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