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Michelle Obama is a 'single mother': 'He's not making the calls to the dance Michelle Obama's new second-term portrait. has bangs & covered arms: pretty? Our World Stops: Michelle Obama Has Bangs! There's been lots of news on the bangs front today First, we read about Kim Kardashian's new side bang 

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Jan 23, 2013. From Yahoo News: NEW YORK (AP) — Before we start rambling on obsessively about Michelle Obama's bangs, let's be clear: The president  Feb 21, 2013. Official portrait of First Lady Michelle. Obama in the Green Room of the White The First Lady's second-term official portrait, with bangs, was  May 17, 2013 After only four months, the first lady has returned to her softly layered, um, roots And so the deal has been sealed: bangs are officially the biggest hair trend of the But now first lady Michelle Obama has switched up her signature side-parted  Feb 19, 2013 When the first lady of the United States has a midlife crisis, she can't. exactly buy expensive toys or jump out of airplanes like the Aug 15, 2013 Ever wonder why Michelle Obama got rid of her headline-making. bangs? Well, the FLOTUS has a very. Aug 15, 2013 Michelle Obama on Race, First. Female President, Her Bangs of opportunity” for the next generation and has “absolutely” moved the needle  Aug 28, 2013. The new face-framing 'do is significantly less drastic and more flattering. than the blunt bangs she had cut in January, which she has admitted  Jan 17, 2013 The First Lady casually tweeted a picture of. herself on Wednesday with the new ' do Jan 17, 2013. Wow, LADIES, time for an emergency meeting of the LADIES because there has been a huge development in our sex's perpetual race to/fight  May 17, 2013 Today the first lady revealed a new look for her commencement speech at Bowie State University in Maryland: Side-swept bangs Gone are the  THROWBACK: Michelle Obama Has Had Bangs Before, Guys We all freaked out when Michelle Obama got bangs -- the precise words we used were "shock 
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Sep 5, 2013 We all freaked out when Michelle Obama got bangs -- the precise. words we used were "shock to the system," in fact But we've recently taken a  Jan 17, 2013 Michelle Obama Got Bangs. No word yet on She got bangs! The First Half Of “Mad Men's” Final Season Has A Premiere Date. A Whole  Jan 18, 2013. @FLOTUS: Michelle Obama, meeting with. Inaugural citizen co-chair David Hall “Breaking: @FLOTUS has bangs” tweeted the Daily Beast Jan 21, 2013 First Lady Michelle Obama's new. do has the approval of a very of the weekend, I love her bangs," Obama said, according to USA Today Aug 15, 2013 Michelle Obama Talks Her Famous Bangs, Turning 50 to 'Parade' Michelle On whether an African American family in the White House has  Aug 29, 2013 *Michelle Obama has tossed her bangs to the side – literally. highlights, which she showcased with face-framing curls and side-swept bangs Jan 17, 2013 Michelle Obama Debuts Her New Bangs On Twitter Whoa, Michelle Obama has bangs twitter com/FLOTUS/status/… via @jeneps Sep 6, 2013 Michelle Obama ditched her bangs in favor of yet another hair makeover Of course, this is not the first time President Obama's wife has made  Jan 17, 2013 Image via FLOTUS Twitter Yes, folks, today, Michelle Obama's birthday, the. First Lady of the United States debuted a new, radical style that will  Jan 20, 2013 BANGS BANGS BANGS! The headline "Breaking:. Michelle Obama Has Bangs!" really exists As does the headline "Michelle. Obama's Bangs  WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama has rendered his opinion on what he WASHINGTON - Michelle Obama showed off. her new bangs and a royal blue  Aug 19, 2013 Bangs are having a major moment in the world of beauty. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Michelle Obama has been toying with the chic look May 17, 2013 Michelle Obama's Hair Makeover:. Side-Swept Bangs Michelle Obama has to be one of the best. role models for women the world over The latest from Michelle Obama Bangs (@FirstLadyBangs) RT "@echerneff: 49 & fabulous & now she has. bangs?!? Check out Michelle Obama's new do, 
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Michelle Obama has had her famous bangs for almost three months now, and it seems Karl Lagerfeld Clarifies His Comments On Michelle Obama's Bangs! Aug 15, 2013 On why she no longer sports the bangs that caused such a sensation On the rules she has set for the Obama daughters as they grow older Feb 21, 2013 Michelle Obama told Rachael Ray her bangs are a manifestation of her husband's inauguration activities, and she has received both praise  It started with the Duchess of Cambridge who cut her bangs last. She may be the first lady, but Michelle Obama has. a lot more impact on national style than  Jan 17, 2013. First Lady Michelle Obama shows off her new 'do and sassy bangs In the last few years alone, Obama has sported plenty of different  Jan 18, 2013. United States First Lady Michelle Obama has marked her 49th birthday with a new haircut May 17, 2013. First lady Michelle Obama delivers the commencement. speech during the Bowie State Michelle Obama ditches her bangsj mp/15TG2N7 by @emilylgoodin He has covered the White House and national politics Dec 23, 2013 first lady Michelle Obama has continued to bask in the glow of sky-high Michelle Obama decided to get bangs for her 49th birthday, which  Jan 25, 2013 It has been some time since fashion watchers launched the guessing game for. Michelle Obama's sartorial picks for her husband's second  Feb 19, 2013 Michelle Obama talks about her now-infamous bangs — HuffPost Style Michelle Obama has a lenient stance on plastic surgeryHuffPost Style Jan 21, 2013 Michelle Obama's bangs sweep through inauguration coverage by Lauren O' Neil. Your weather location has not been set. Set weather  Aug 28, 2013 Michelle Obama. has a new do Ditch the bangs an adds highlights! After an 8- month run, Michelle Obama said bye-bye to her fringe an opted  First Lady Michelle Obama recently offered a simple explanation. to the new hairdo she unveiled just over a month ago In her words, the new bangs she has   Jan 18, 2013. So when Mrs Obama debuted a new haircut. Thursday (with bangs, No official word has come from the White House regarding the new first 
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Jan 17, 2013 Michelle Obama has a new hairdo! The first lady debuted a set of bangs in this photo posted on her Twitter account on Thursday: The First Lady  Jan 25, 2013 Michelle Obama stepped out last week sporting sassy new bangs — the type. Michelle has the most universal face shape (oval) so most bang  Feb 20, 2013 Michelle Obama had a new official portrait. taken (which was released on no white First Lady has ever had her picture taken or had bangs ) Feb 20, 2013. The First Lady has a new official White House portrait Let's compare and contrast ! Jan 23, 2013 Before we start rambling on obsessively about Michelle Obama's The fact that Obama's wife has bangs is about as significant as 1 byte of  Jan 31, 2013 Kunty Karl hates Michelle. Obama's bangs Karl is not impressed and said that Michelle Obama now has news anchor hair. via Vanity Fair: Jan 17, 2013 First lady quips that midlife crisis led to bangs He's probably referring to the fact that Michelle Obama has a staff of 22 servants funded by  Jan 2, 2014 Hillary Clinton. Has Bangs Now By Josh with Michelle Obama's no nonsense, straight-laced bangs, which she famously debuted last year Jan 17, 2013 Her previous handle @MichelleObama has existed for a while But the tweets were predominately generated. by staff members of the Obama  Jan 23, 2013 The First Lady's new haircut was the talk of the inaugural festivities, and even President Obama himself has weighed in Michelle welcomed her  Aug 15, 2013 First Lady Michelle Obama gave an interview to Parade magazine and talked about her political future and why she shed those bangs Jan 21, 2013. Update: Michelle Obama Got Bangs, & Her Husband Loves Them Photo of Lexi Nisita The President has spoken. (NY Mag) Everyone. knows  Jun 17, 2013. target="_hplink">Michelle Obama's bangs are the most. href="http://nymag. com/ thecut/2013/05/michelle-obama-has-retired-her-bangs html" Jan 31, 2013 Karl Lagerfeld talks some shit about Michelle Obama's new bangs, because obviously He thinks the fashion industry has nothing to do with it Jan 18, 2013 TREND WATCH 2k13: Michelle. Obama cuts her bangs. Are BANGS still Taylor Swift has AMAZING new bangs, looks TOTALLY HIPSTER! Apr 9, 2013 In case you had any doubts that Michelle Obama is just like us, let this. put them to rest: The First Lady hates growing out her bangs, too The FLOTUS sat. This Is Possibly the Edgiest Outfit. Kate Middleton Has Ever Worn.
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Jan 17, 2013. Get ready for the biggest hair news of the year (so far, of course): The FLOTUS has bangs! (Now that's what I call New Year, New Look!) Aren't  Jan 18, 2013. President Obama's Election Night. Victory Speech - November 6, 2012 in Michelle Obama - 2012 Democratic National. Convention Videoby  Michelle Obama cannot Instagram a. [bikini] pic like what my girl. 2) The bangs. Michelle Obama has put a campaign in place. to aid the country's growing  Jan 18, 2013 Michelle Obama Has Bangs. Michelle Obama tweeted a picture of herself rocking some new bangs. (Lawrence Jackson/The. White House). Jan 23, 2013 Before we start rambling on obsessively about Michelle Obama's bangs, let's be clear: The president started it Feb 13, 2013 First lady Michelle Obama has once again turned to designer Jason Wu, wearing one of his creations to her husband's State of the Union  Jun 6, 2013 First, Michelle Obama goes through the. "bangs" hair transformation, Even Barack Obama has enormous disrespect for Americans and the  Jan 22, 2013 was jacked by first lady Michelle Obama?, who busted out her bangs. She has one of the biggest under bites I've ever seen, poor posture,  Feb 20, 2013. Everyone from Kate Middleton to Karl Lagerfeld has weighed in, and Yet, the media furor over Michelle Obama's. bangs is evidence that the  Jan 21, 2013 The First Lady's fringe has been something of a talking point since she first. Barack Obama "I love Michelle Obama and I love her bangs!" Jan 18, 2013 Michelle Obama's New Bangs are the beginning to another 4 years of style in Washington. Our FLOTUS has a new. haircut … with bangs! Jan 21, 2013. With the spotlight on the Obama family for inauguration day, Michelle. Obama's dramatic new hair style has everyone talking. Style columnist 
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Jan 18, 2013 First Lady Michelle Obama turned 49 on Thursday and celebrated with a new hairstyle, a glamorous sleek pageboy featuring bangs. Meanwhile, rumor has it that designers including Barbara Tfank, Derek Lam, Narciso  Jan 2, 2014 Hillary Clinton's new hair cut is going the way of Michelle Obama's improvement when compared to how she has worn her locks in the past? May 17, 2013 Most important story of the day: Michelle Obama doesn't have bangs As anyone who has had bangs knows: they're still on her head. Judging  Aug 28, 2013 However, as Michelle Obama addressed. the crowd at Arthur Ashe Kids Day, Considering the White House has a problem with almost every  15 hours ago mich2-3 Queen Michelle Obama has often said Americans need to eat their peas and they must sacrifice. That obviously doesn't include her Karl Lagerfeld is not a fan of Michelle Obama's birthday bangs. She does realize the "bangs" MO has aren't being used as euphemism here? Jan 18, 2013. U S First Lady Michelle Obama is sporting bangs just in time for her Up until now, her hairstyle has tended toward a swept-back look, giving  Feb 28, 2013 Michelle Obama has the distinction of. being the first African American agnostic on her bangs and was asleep. during her Oscars presentation Aug 15, 2013 Parade Magazine interviews Michelle Obama about turning. 50, and why she got rid of he iconic bangs Adele Has To Choose Between Kate. Moss And Michelle Obama Adele Has To Choose Between Kate Moss
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Jan 18, 2013. Michelle Obama gets bangs: A new hairstyle in time for the new. WASHINGTON (AP) - There's something a little different these days about Michelle Obama: bangs in her hair This comment has been flagged for abuse Aug 16, 2013 Michelle Obama covers the new issue of Parade In it, she discusses the demise of her famous bangs Michelle Obama Once referring to her choppy bangs as a “midlife crisis,” First Lady Michelle Obama has since grown them out into soft, face-framing layers Feb 20, 2013. Days before the inauguration, Michelle Obama joined a growing club of. A joke Twitter account named @FirstLadysBangs has earned more  Jan 22, 2013 President Barack Obama kisses first lady. Michelle Obama during their dance President Barack Obama has rendered. his opinion on what he  Jan 22, 2013 out a new look, inspired by Michelle Obama's freshly-shorn bangs, As for the guest, Philipps explained that she has attempted the style a  Feb 1, 2013 Karl Lagerfeld thinks Michelle Obama's. new bangs make her look like a. "She is a little too fat, but she. has a beautiful face and a divine voice. Jan 22, 2013 Calling it early: Michelle Obama's. Bangs for Person of the Year 2013 In Taxonomy of Bangs, Michelle Obama's New Haircut Is Taylor Swiftae  Jan 17, 2013. 'Vanity Fair' praises. Michelle Obama's bangs. The First Lady's new Obama Has 'Pen' and 'Phone' to Take Executive Action NBC News. Jan 21, 2013. President Obama: Michelle's Bangs 'Most Significant Event Of Inaugural' WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama has rendered his opinion  Jan 20, 2013. Now, Hirshman says, “I've kind. of lost interest in Michelle Obama She was trapped by and her new wig has bangs. Socmodfiscon on  Jan 18, 2013 Over the years, Mrs Obama has typically worn a shoulder-skimming, layered bob , but. these new bangs are certainly a first for Obama since  Feb 19, 2013 Much has been said about Michelle Obama's bangs and she finally took a break from the busy demands of being FLOTUS to address the 
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Gymnast Gabby Douglas Puts Her Own Spin on FLOTUS Bangs April 8th, 2013 by Michael april2nd2013. First lady Michelle Obama. has been a fashion  Dec 17, 2013 It was a year for pixie haircuts, chunky flat shoes, bangs on our first lady And while fashion always has its royalty, we're ready to crown a few  Aug 16, 2013. The result among media publications and Twitter users was something like “ Politics? Forget politics Michelle Obama has bangs now, dammit!” Jan 22, 2013. “Breaking: Michelle Obama Has. Bangs!” wrote The Daily Beast. “She Bangs!” exclaimed a journalist (and, we imagine, Ricky Martin fan) at The  9 hours ago. Michelle Obama, Harvard and Princeton-educated. lawyer and a male Harvard- educated lawyer who has worked for a major hospital and is  Jan 29, 2013. Everyone loves Michelle Obama, and now she has bangs But the mass freakout ? Not warranted Feb 20, 2013 The White House has unveiled a new portrait of first lady Michelle Obama, including the same bangs she recently called “a product of my  Jan 18, 2013 On January 17, 2013, First Lady Michelle. Obama turned 49 years old. But, more importantly, she debuted a new haircut Michelle Obama, it has  Jun 28, 2013 The world needs to see U S First Lady Michelle Obama's powerful June 27 speech on the importance of educating girls Here are three of 
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Jan 23, 2013. Get a bang like Michelle Obama and. other celebrities this season. Michelle Obama has uplifted the careers. of bright designers such as Jason  Feb 27, 2013 And those world famous bangs--as well as every emulated hairstyle FLOTUS has rocked since she stepped foot into the White House--were the  Jan 31, 2013 The Paris fashion designer, known for his contrary opinions, has recently. declared that Michelle Obama's bangs are "not a good idea " (For the  Jan 21, 2013. what obviously the biggest story of the day: Michelle Obama's bangs “I guarantee you that's one of the first times a devout Mormon has  Jan 31, 2013 The czar of high fashion has spoken - and he says Michelle Obama's bangs were "a bad idea. " Oct 22, 2013. What Did Prince Harry Get from Michelle Obama? Read It Heidi Klum. bangs This is hardly the first time. the star has rocked the look Jan 18, 2013 Michelle Obama greets David Hall. and subtly rocks her new bangs as much coverage – arguably Obama has even more sway over style. Aug 7, 2013. new bangs Tell Us: What do you think of. Michelle Obama's bangs? Heres the run down NeNe - She has grown so much over the last few  Jan 23, 2013 Michelle Obama's 'bangs' wows all When I win, will you get bangs? President Obama has a reputation of being. eloquent with his thoughts  Jan 20, 2013 But now, that The First Lady has bangs what do you think she will wear? " Michelle Obama's new bang is texturized which gives a softer piecey 
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Watch breaking news videos and read news updates about  Jan 18, 2013 The key to bangs is making them work for your face shape and hair type. Michelle has the most universal face shape (oval) so most bang types  Mar 1, 2013 She is growing out her bangs, and has tried a lot of different ways to make them look acceptable, to no avail. Watch the video and see what  Jan 21, 2013. Michelle Obama's status as a style icon overshadows her accomplishments Michelle has received so much attention for her style because unlike former first Day, instead of her (fabulous) ensemble and edgy new bangs Jan 18, 2013 Michelle Obama has never been a first lady to fail when it comes to fashion, so it comes as no surprise that Obama is now making headlines for  From Karlie Kloss to the FLOTUS, bold bangs keep cropping up everywhere Can you guess, based on popular vote, who rocks the feathery effect best? Jan 23, 2013 When I first saw the picture of Michelle Obama's new bangs I But keep in mind the very real likelihood that Michelle Obama has a glam  Dec 24, 2013 First lady Michelle Obama's bangs merited their own Twitter account Fashion always has its royalty, and this year, Kerry Washington was a  (Newser) - Sorry, potentially obese children of America, Michelle Obama has a hard-hitting topics as her husband's "swag" and her bangs, Mediaite reports Jul 2, 2013 But you know, this question of "First Lady" has always been somewhat our daughter, Barbara, cut bangs. at the same time Michelle did 9 hours ago Michelle Obama has been very vocal about projects dealing with. bangs cool again, let's take a look at some of Obama's top moments as first  Feb 27, 2013 Likewise, it appears that Michelle. Obama has begun to break out Though she Those aren't bangs covering Michelle Obama's eyebrows. Jan 18, 2013. It has to be noted that Michelle Obama ended her birthday with a special dinner. which lasted a little more than three hours at Café Milano in 

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