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Jan 22, 2013 Michelle Obama Eye Roll: Classless Partisan Bullsh*t or Hail To The You didn't think we gif-happy folks at. Pajiba would just let that slide, did  Jan 22, 2013 But what did John Boehner say to cause Michelle Obama to throw will surely go down down as the most epic eye roll in world history The more. that gif replays, the more mesmerized I am by Boehner's wife (I assume?)

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Jan 21, 2013. By now you have all seen this gif of this tumblr, of Michelle Obama. rolling her eyes at John Boehner like she is a 14-year-old girl It has been  Jan 23, 2013 Michelle Obama's epic inaugural eye roll is poised to be one of the best-loved gifs of all time, and thankfully the quip that sparked it may not be  Feb 26, 2013. Contrary to what today's GIF-happy media would have you believe, Michelle. Obama's famous eye-roll was not an accurate indication of her  Jan 21, 2013 Michelle Obama is less than subtle about her annoyance at husband Barack Obama's small. michelle-obama-eyeroll-inauguration-atlantic gif Jan 22, 2013 Michelle Obama Boehner side-eye gif. I. GAHTDAMB LIVE. in the cross talk That eye roll was everywhere. yesterday and I support it. Reply Jan 21, 2013 First Lady Michelle Obama kept up with her husband stride. for stride on Monday, smiling brightly as they Michelle Obama Eye Roll: First Lady Not Amused By President's Banter With John Boehner (GIF via The Atlantic) Jan 21, 2013. Michelle Obama Eye Roll: First Lady Not Amused By. President's Banter With John Boehner (VIDEO) (GIF via The. Atlantic). While there. may  Jan 21, 2013 Michelle Obama rolls her eyes at Speaker Boehner (A GIF for the masses). By Megan Carpentier and David Edwards Monday, January 21  First Lady Michelle Obama rolls her eyes in reaction to House Speaker John Boehner at a post-inauguration luncheon Page. 3 Jan 21, 2013. We all know our first lady has attitude, but this Michelle Obama eye roll is too much! Gawker captured the best GIF of the inauguration, showing  Jan 21, 2013 Here's are some GIFs of a momentous occasion: the First Lady rolling her. eyes at something the Speaker of the House said at the Inauguration 
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Jan 22, 2013 This Is the Joke That Had Michelle Obama. Rolling Her Eyes at John Boehner The context to a 3 second body language gif is a 20 second  Jan 21, 2013 Tumblr blogger Mattyrab locates what might be the most important moment of the inauguration: this hall-of-fame shade-throwing moment at the  Jan 21, 2013. Presidential Shade: First Lady Michelle Obama Rolls Her Eyes At John Boehner GIF CREDIT: The. Atlantic. No one knows exactly what  Jan 23, 2013. Below is a Storify compilation of the innovative coverage, social media buzz and. viral moments (Michelle Obama's eye roll, Malia's photo bomb,  Jan 22, 2013 Bill Clinton's Photobomb, Michelle. Obama's Eye-Roll and Other. Below are a few pics and GIFs making the social media rounds right now. Jan 25, 2013. Michelle Obama Rolls Her Eyes Over Boehner at Inaugural Luncheon the Internet rounds, setting off a firestorm of animated image GIFs,  Jan 21, 2013 Similarly passed around online was a gif of First Lady Michelle Obama shaking her head and rolling. her eyes in historic fashion at something  Michelle Obama throws. shade at John Boehner Jan 31, 2013. eyeroll, Roll eyes. First Lady Eye Roll michelle obama eyeroll Tags: eyeroll, Roll eyes « « The '30 Rock' Finale is tonight | Falling back » » Search Results for Michelle. Obama GIFs on Giphy 120 GIFs found for michelle obama Related searches: politics #annoyed #eye roll #michelle obama #annoyed #eye roll #juliet o'hara #psych · #enid #eye roll #ghost world · #attitude #eye roll #sassy #zoey 101 · #annoyed #eye roll #michelle obama Search Results for Eye Roll GIFs on Giphy 414 GIFs found. for eye roll Related searches: annoyed, tv, #annoyed #eye roll #michelle obama · #chilli #eye  Jan 22, 2013 The internet was abuzz with memes, gifs, and videos of Michelle Obama rolling her eyes at Boehner after making a comment to her and her  Jan 22, 2013 Michelle Obama's Inauguration. Eye Roll Sparks National Debate. by John Boone Tue , Jan Michelle Obama, GIF See which stars. stepped  Jan 22, 2013. Michelle Obama's eyeroll towards John Boehner becomes viral sensation Various blog posts have emerged accompanied. with the GIF or 
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Jan 23, 2013. 21 arose after Michelle Obama was caught visibly rolling her eyes at John. In the now-ubiquitous GIF, tthe First. Lady leaned forward in her  Jan 23, 2013 Whatever the gesture meant, Michelle Obama's epic inaugural eye roll is poised to become one of the best-loved GIFs of all time. Jan 22, 2013. The Now-Famous-Eye-Roll. Michelle gives Boehner a cringe-inducing writeoff: GIF Credit: (Mattyrab) 14 One Last Look. And for your requisite  Jan 22, 2013 Filed under: #michelle obama #Obama #Boehner #Speaker of the house # Shade #throwing shade #FLOTUS #Michelle #President Obama  Sep 13, 2013 The problems with Michelle Obama telling us to drink more water · Grist List: Look what we eye-roll-arrested-development Holly Richmond  Jan 24, 2013 It was the Gif that echoed around the interwebz, First Lady Michelle Obama throwing up to a point Let's look at that eye. roll again, shall we? Jan 26, 2013 I only saw that gif thing here, and didn't study it closely It looked to me like the eye roll thing was the type you'd make after a joke that everyone You really can't see/hear what Obama says behind Michelle's back. Oct 9, 2013 These characters brought the. sass, using just their eyes View this image › · animated-disney-gifs tumblr com / Via Twitter: @mathewguiver  Jan 22, 2013. It's 2014 And Pets Are Still Twerkin' It! 14 GIFs To Twerk Into The New Year! But none of this holds a candle to our gurl Michelle Obama - and She could have been rolling her eyes to something her husband was saying  Dec 27, 2013 Reflecting back on the most popular celebrity GIFs of this past year, When Michelle Obama dished out this epic eye-roll felt 'round the world Jan 23, 2013 It was the eye roll seen 'round the world. Since we don't specialize in mind reading, we're asking you to answer the question, what was she  May 9, 2013 Elisha Cuthbert unleashed a major eye-roll at a Wednesday hockey game that has taken the The succinct. animated. gif of Cuthbert's reaction below comes from the Score 50 photos for Michelle Obama's 50th birthday
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Jan 21, 2013 I don't know what was going in, but Michelle Obama was not feeling whatever. to say, check out this GIF and video. of Michelle's eye roll below. Jan 21, 2013 Barack's wink, Biden's smirk and Michelle's eye-roll: here. are the funniest moments from the Inauguration in GIFs and pics Enjoy. image Jan 22, 2013. Michelle Obama Inauguration gown. custom-made by Jason Wu Groupie Beauty: How To Get Nancy Spungen's Seventies Smoky Eye · Red Carpet together at the Inaugural Ball, of which there is now an equally cute GIF. Jan 21, 2013. The youngest member of the first family, who often looks grown up beyond her years, acted her age when she let out a big yawn during  buzzfeedpolitics: Watch this awesome 9th grader give Obama one of the best President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will take a cue from  Jan 22, 2013. I'm the First Lady, don't talk to me while I'm eating my bison. (Gawker) Michelle Obama eyeroll. This isn't a Bill Clinton photobomb - Kelly  Jan 22, 2013 Video & GIF: Michelle Obama Throws. Major Shade Towards John Boehner Watch Michelle Obama Roll Her Eyes at John Boehner – Yahoo! Jan 27, 2013. Eyeroll. Time Magazine hurling insults. at The Me Me Me Generation in classic Michelle Obama eye roll that has now become a popular gif Dec 5, 2013 Gif via Twitter: @intelligencer. Posted. In 148 Responses to “The Story Behind This Epic Michelle Obama Photo” 1 Eye of Heart. says:. All the best reaction gifs showing emotions such. as fear, happiness, shock, sadness and more. Great gif collection. for forum users Tagged: tangled, blink, eyeroll, walk away, done, whatever, bitch please, reactions, Tagged: michelle obama, thumbs up, cool, turn, sturgeon face, not bad,  Feb 13, 2013 Quirky fixtures of the Web sites from the early Internet, GIF files are. at the Super Bowl and Michelle Obama's apparent eye-roll at John  Sep 19, 2013 Nobody does the Side Eye better. than Michelle Obama The eye roll: Under the gif of madonna, I'm curious why the use of the word “BItches”  Jan 22, 2013 Michelle Obama was captured rolling her eyes at John Boehner at a On a video, and then gif, making the digital rounds, Obama was caught  Oct 4, 2012. The Guardian and Tumblr teamed up. to create live GIFs during the. No more will you be forced to sit and wait for zingers, eye-rolling and funny faces Michelle Obama turns 50 on Friday, and, by her own account, feels 
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Jan 29, 2013 Anyway, did you see that incredible dress that Michelle Obama wore P. S Have you see that gif where she's rolling. her eyes oh-so-subtly at  Jan 21, 2013. 4:40 p m. : The only two GIFs of the inauguration you need to see: First, And second, here's First Lady Michelle Obama eye-rolling intensely  Jan 22, 2013 For excellent animated GIF, see here 9. Michelle Obama burning John Boehner. That there on the right is He got the eye-rolling. of a lifetime: of the house#Shade#throwing shade#FLOTUS#Michelle#President Obama# Barack Obama#reaction#reaction gif#eye roll#eyeroll#whatever · 45 notes. Oct 29, 2013. But FLOTUS rolled her eyes at that, because she has to keep things dignified and. *Please put your michelleobamaeyeroll. gif on standby* Rush Limbaugh Had More Than a Few Words to Say About. Obama's 'Absurd' Executive Listen Laughs and. eye rolls Michelle Obama Doesn't Rule Out… 3 days. ago Kanye: “No one is looking at what Obama is wearing, Michelle Obama cannot All of which Anna would react with a very thorough eye roll Aug 13, 2012. 16 Of The Most Fun & Fabulous Evelyn Lozada Gifs You've Ever Seen! The TJMS Honors First Lady Michelle. Obama on Her Birthday! Feb 1, 2013 Created from pictures. or video clips, gifs are the latest social media craze we just can't get enough of Michelle. Obama's infamous eye roll at  Apr 9, 2013 It's yet another homecoming for Michelle Obama. The FLOTUS achieved meme status for the unmistakably annoyed eye roll (1) directed at Speaker of the prompting a video and animated. gif of the "shame on. you" shade  Jan 5, 2014. photo dancing gif and this is an eye roll classic:. HONOLULU (AP) – First lady Michelle Obama is getting a few extra days of Hawaiian sun
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Jan 25, 2013. During the Inaugural lunch, it was First Lady Michelle Obama's chance When the Speaker apparently made a joke to the President, the First Lady gave an epic eye roll GIFs galore on the first “shade” were fast and furious Dec 18, 2013 Obama: Never a. bottom line michelle_singletary And because gifs are increasingly being. used as an actual form of communication your displeasure with this post via an eye-roll-dot-gif or a shaking-my-head-dot-gif Baby (2); Back Off (1); Barack Obama (2); Barf (3); Barfing (2); Barney Stinson (1); . Barrel Roll (1); Bart Simpson (1); Bastards (1); Bat (1); Batman (5); Batmobile  Oct 12, 2013 Michelle Obama running NYC fund-raiser for extremist left but still is not elegant, she is not dignified. or graceful Michelle obama eye roll gif. Dec 5, 2013 Woman's Extreme Weight Loss Captured in Jaw-Dropping GIF (VIDEO) doesn't want overweight women wearing his label Read More · Eye Roll Michelle Obama Turns White House Easter Egg Roll Into 'Fat Camp' Jan 21, 2013. ap michelle barack obama jef 130121 wblog Inauguration 2013 in Social This photo and GIF of Michelle Obama. rolling her eyes has been a  Jan 22, 2013 President Obama dances with his lady in red at the Commander-in-Chief Ball inauguration, with every vaguely funny or touching moment GIF-ed, screenshot- ed, Michelle Obama throws an epic eye-roll at John Boehner Jan 20, 2013 Actually he more than hinted it. instead Obama flat out said it AS THE EYES ROLL: A GIF FOR THE AGES AS MICHELLE OBAMA DOES AN 
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Mercedes should just run that Batman gif for 30 seconds and call it a day Wheres the Michelle Obama EYEROLL. GIF in response to those  Jan 5, 2014 HONOLULU (AP) – First lady Michelle. Obama is getting a few extra days of com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/12-Kandi-Eye-Roll gif. smile, yes, nod, Barack Obama 19,825 views 321 shares 14 points facepalm eye roll, are you kidding me?, Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter Loading. eye roll  Feb 25, 2013 However it was nearly worth it for Charlize Theron's wonderful eye-rolling stare at the Family Guy creator's mention of her name (see also, GIF of the news agency took revenge on Michelle. Obama announcing that Argo had  Dec 6, 2013 Resident comedienne-recapper Michelle Collins conquers Carrie The Sound of Music Live Recapped in Screengrabs and GIFs. Ten minutes in, and we are still sitting. in the abbey, nary a rolling hill or. Captain lays eyes on her and. is like, [wolf whistle ] What Did Michelle Obama Give Prince Harry? Jan 22, 2013. Sasha Obama could not help herself and suppress a yawn during Barack Obama's Below is a gif – just one of the many now making the rounds online, entertaining people. Michelle Obama Eye Roll Goes Viral – Video EDIT: Thanks Obama trying to be funny and Michelle just thought. it was a weak attempt, hence the eye-roll Neat cutaway gif. of a lock. This is an animated gif of actor Marlon Brando rolling his eyes before smiling bashfully This is typically used as a reaction gif whenever somebody receives a   Opinion: Obama justifies using Bush's tactics while taking them away from the next Senators easily invoke cloture on a 72-26 roll call to limit further debate on the bill. Michelle Obama's top moments Ex-ambassador eyes Clinton VP spot. Sep 24, 2013. One Nominator to Rule Them All – A #SmashBash Gif-Cap May 28, 2013 by. Or not Michelle Obama. eyeroll. Continue Reading  Apr 4, 2013 Mama's Lettin' Loose – A #SmashBash Gif-Cap this Saturday and Kim will have you covered with that gif-cap Michelle Obama eyeroll Overly Attached Michelle Obama is Not a Fan of the Danish Prime Minister * eyeroll* 4 Weeks. Ago mayorphill By all means, let's assume that we're not on a  
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Oct 1, 2012 President Barack Obama and Republican. presidential candidate Mitt Romney, to their facial expression histories as recorded on video and in animated GIFs Also worth avoiding: eye rolls, or. a deer-in-the-headlights look. but Cruz Wins the Week · Michelle Obama's Birthday Fundraising Has Begun  May 20, 2013. it's short and sweet So short and sweet, in fact, that it's been converted into a handy GIF - Keep Your Eye On The Guy In The Tiger. Suit · Nutcracker Ballet In 50 Funny. Tweets Michelle Obama's 50 Funniest Pictures Jul 18, 2013 The gif just happened to say it :-p you are a sweet sistren in the name /wp- content/uploads/2013/01/Michelle-Obama-Boehner-side-eye gif. Nov 19, 2013 Nicki Minaj's 'Idol' eye rolls are really irritating Nicki Minaj eye roll 'American Idol' It's our first-ever. Reality TV GIF Battle! Ciara Working on Wedding Plans 'Every Day' · What Did Prince Harry Get from Michelle Obama? Dec 1, 2013 She will roll with the high ranks, such a positive. role model for the folk out there! Her eyes look like two pissholes. in a bank of snow Michelle Obama praises weekend rampage by Chicago teens as 5. gif. Concerned with mounting death toll, Taliban offers to send peacekeeping advisers to Chicago. Michelle Obama's gown digitally altered for modesty by Iranian news agency ( Source) Source: There\'s reality, and then there\'s Rolling Stone. A tumblr called redbookcoveranime gif. redbookfaith jpg Erased lines around the eyes,
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obamacare glitch. For five years Barrack Obama has been president. Independent's Eye by Joe Gandelman People waiting to get New Jersey Gov A recent column in Rolling Stone magazine revealed a recurring and troubling trend with. As Michelle Obama treated herself to an additional week in paradise as a 50th  Please tell me that is a roll. of Certs in your pocket. I feel like Michelle Obama I mean I wouldn't know because like Medusa I try to avoid eye contact with her. Aug 9, 2013 "The Samsung Galaxy Note III is also rumored to come with Samsung's new eye tracking technology, Eye Pause, against screen cracking (can't roll your phone up into a ball just yet) Michelle Obama Plastic Surgery: Will the First Lady Get the Elective. 52 Cutest Animal Fail Moments of All Time (GIFs). and six others were killed in the shooting, among them federal judge John Roll. On January 12, President Barack Obama visited Giffords at the medical center and publicly stated in an evening memorial ceremony that she had "opened her eyes for the first time" that day a b Myers, Amanda Lee. and Michelle Price Aug 4, 2013. Capturing his dance moves, his epic eye roll, and his lightsaber expertise, these snaps, sweetest moments, and more in 23 laugh-out-loud Obama GIFs! The Truth Behind Obama's Selfie. and Michelle's Reaction 12/11/13 Jan 22, 2013 Below is a gif version of. Sasha Obama's yawn Michelle Obama eye roll on Speaker John Boehner. during Inauguration Day luncheon goes 
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Jan 21, 2013 As President Barack Obama and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) shared a traditional lunch in the Capitol Building after the president's  Jan 23, 2013 Chances are we'll never know for certain what House Speaker John Boehner said to the president on Inauguration Day to prompt Michelle  Jan 23, 2013. Michelle Obama's epic inaugural eye roll is poised to be one of the best-loved. gifs of all time, and thankfully the quip that sparked it may not be  Jan 22, 2013 Michelle Obama rolls her eyes at House Speaker John Boehner during the Inaugural luncheon on January 21, 2013 Jan 21, 2013. During the inaugural luncheon Monday, Michelle Obama could be seen blatantly rolling her eyes at something House Speaker John Boehner  Feb 26, 2013. Contrary to what today's GIF-happy media would have you believe, Michelle. Obama's famous eye-roll was not an accurate indication of her  Jan 22, 2013 In a day marked by pageantry, respect, and civility, Inauguration Day had at least one moment of questionable body language that has set the  Jan 21, 2013 Michelle Obama was clearly not impressed by House Speaker John Boehner at the inaugural luncheon on Monday, as a camera caught her  Jan 21, 2013 From Yahoo News: Monday's post-inaugural luncheon was a case study in body language--and nearly all of the physical evidence centered on  Jan 21, 2013 Tumblr blogger Mattyrab locates what might be the most important moment of the inauguration: this hall-of-fame shade-throwing moment at the  Jan 22, 2013. Our lip reader, Wenig, caught Boehner saying, “Somebody won't let you do it”, referring to Michelle, which prompted the first lady's big eye roll. Jan 21, 2013. Michelle Obama Eye Roll Caught On Camera Michelle Obama rolls her eyes at John Boehner Michelle Obama is NOT impressed: First Lady  Jan 22, 2013 First Lady Michelle Obama won the Internet on Monday, when she appeared to roll her eyes disapprovingly at a conversation her husband was 

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