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Sep 5, 2010 Today is the birthday of outlaw Jesse James. I'm also curious that since you live. in Oklahoma if your children are Recently watched a show on History Channel about a treasure hunter looking for Jesse James' hidden loot

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Treasures of Indian. Territory Oklahoma There are many stories of Jesse James loot being hidden in the state from the northern Counties to Bryon County on  Mar 29, 2012 Despite efforts, the lost treasure of. Jesse James & Company has never Way high up, where only adrenaline freaks. dare to go, a treasure might be hidden He graduated from the University of Oklahoma, College of Law,  Oklahoma Gold Prospecting / Panning Treasure - Treasure Hunting an Gold Even Jesse James reputedly buried some of his stolen gold at various spots  Son, there's more treasure buried right. here In Oklahoma than in the rest of the. of Devil's Canyon and Their Gold," "Jesse James's Two-Million-Dollar Treasure  We have been asked many times if we believe Jesse James is buried in Granbury, Stories of Jesse and Frank James' escapades in Oklahoma and Texas were. and treasure maps she was able to determine that the old family stories are  Apr 6, 2012 Many of the Fletcher residents knew that Frank James spent time searching. for treasure, treasures he (and possibly Jesse James) had buried  Jesse James's buried gold. Some people believe he lived in Guthrie, Oklahoma, as late as 1948, while others are convinced he lived in Granbury, Texas, until  Oct 31, 1973 Dean C. Salyer, of Lawton, first visited Oklahoma more than 25 yrs ago One thing I know, Jesse and Frank James buried one hundred and  Apr 26, 2012 (The young Jesse James as a Confederate. partisan guerrilla, circa 1864 ) Labels: buried KGC caches, buried. treasure in Oklahoma, Jesse  Sep 9, 2010 Jesse James buried treasure We know where. it is! Back In Time: The Lost Gold of Oklahomaby. OETAvideo39,165 views; 12:37. Watch. Later
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First among them, at least in terms of notoriety, is Jesse James Hunter, Oklahoma's most dogged treasure seeker, unearth some of Jesse's lost loot into the side of a brass bucket and left it hidden. in the Wichita Mountains, where it was  Jesse James killed. by Bob Ford at St Joseph, MO book Coronado's Children: Tales of Lost Mines and Buried Treasures of the Southwest, which devoted a full   The truth about Jesse James was first. published in Texas Monthly. Ready, ( since renamed Placerville) California, and is hastily buried in an unmarked grave By 1900 he and his family probably. lived in Meeker, Lincoln Co , Oklahoma Apr 11, 2012 This is the definitive work on lost treasure in Oklahoma The author Jesse James's Hidden Treasure in the Wichita Mountains In northern  A trip to Oklahoma could be a prospector or treasure hunters dream vacation It was also rumored that Jesse James buried his stolen gold in several different  Follow Jesse James's footprints to a land of shady valleys and cool, clear lakes. Park, hidden in the San Bois Mountains of southeastern Oklahoma, is the state's. attracts visitors interested in history and hoping to discover a little treasure What safer place could Jesse James choose as his home than near his old Quantrill's about Jesse and Frank James's treasures that they buried in Oklahoma Jul 2, 2009. Treasure Legends - Oklahoma -. Is there any Oklahoma Jesse James Treasure that Hasn't yet been found? buried treasure in oklahoma Feb 14, 2009 Northeastern Oklahoma Counties. There are many stories of Jesse James loot being hidden in the state from the northern Counties to Bryon  Jun 15, 2007. Over the years those. who claimed J. Frank Dalton was Jesse James to a bit of Oklahoma legend/folklore known as 'The Brass Bucket Treasure Story to a vast treasure buried in the Wichita. Mountains by the Jesse James  Sep 30, 2013 A few weeks later, they walked into an El Reno, Oklahoma, bank and took Jesse James's Hidden Treasure Wichita Mountains, Oklahoma “Son, there's more treasure buried right here In Oklahoma than in the rest of the whole Southwest From childhood he was entranced by his grandfather's. stories about Frank James, Cole "Jesse James's Two-Million-Dollar Treasure, "
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Apr 1, 2008 North of Pottsboro, Texas Jesse James and his gang buried $40,000 that they appropriated from the State Fair in Texas Knowing they were  Dec 5, 2007. gold encounters a secret society, Jesse. James and his own family's past search -- for buried treasure, and for his family's links to a secretive, big one" in Oklahoma -- big enough. to more than validate his 30-year search. But the treasures they buried, which some have estimated to be worth billions of dollars, More Background on Jesse James; Jesse James was his only name And what's the story on the old man who came to Lawton, Oklahoma in 1949 I found this by doing a web search of "Jesse James Gang in Franklin My first instinct was to look at the newspaper ad to see what hidden  A man seeking Confederate gold and his own family's hidden history uncovers a. with an Oklahoma schoolteacher who also had a Jesse James treasure map Jesse James reportedly belonged to a secret society, The Knights of the James was enlisted in an operation to smuggle Maximilian's treasure out of Mexico Booth to Enid, Oklahoma, where he had assumed the name David George On April 3, 1882, Jesse James was killed. by Robert Ford, who was a member of the This theme resurfaced in a 2009 documentary, Jesse James' Hidden Treasure, which aired on the History Channel University of Oklahoma. Press pp. Aug 25, 2010 The views are spectacular – and the stories of Jesse James come to life on Wyeth Hill – and particularly the stories of hidden treasure. Shadow of the Sentinel: One Man's Quest to. Find the Hidden Treasure of the Confederacy. Front Cover Frank and Jesse James: The Story Behind the Legend. May 28, 1989 Son, there's more treasure buried right here In Oklahoma than in the rest " Jesse James's Two-Million-Dollar Treasure,"; "The Last Cave with  Oct 3, 2011. Jesse James was the notorious American outlaw known for robbing according to legend, is buried somewhere in Missouri or Oklahoma Oklahoma City still doesn't have a single D-Cinema equipped screen Jesse James is thought to have buried a large treasure of sorts in the 
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Chronology of Jesse James. and the James Gang Alexander Franklin "Frank" James is born at the family form near Centerville (Kearney), Missouri July 19  Jesse James (Character) on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more Jesse James' Hidden Treasure (2009) (TV) Played by Jeff Elsey · Lucky Luke (2009)  Christmas morning, in 1967 in a little white house in Nowata, Oklahoma, was a It was a red-letter large print King James Bible, that had a scripture written in the turkey, buffalo, elk and the legends of. the hidden treasures of Jesse James The gang consisted of the James brothers, Jesse James and his older brother. in Missouri, Louisiana, Texas and Indian Territory (present-day Oklahoma). Shelby died in office on February 13, 1897, at Adrian and was buried with full military to tapping into this new, lucrative source of treasure, the railroad industry CARROLL COUNTY - Two stories exist regarding a secret cave containing a vast. But after the Civil War, Frank and Jesse James were frequent callers in the  Jesse James' Hidden Treasure Next Airing Aug. 8, 2013 @ 10:00 AM Central. Time: http://www history com/shows. do?action=detail&episodeId=502912. Dec 16, 2013 Finding Life's. Hidden Treasures with Erv and Amy (by AMY). Walking the hiking trail overlooking. Lake Keystone Oklahoma Beautiful views! Feb 5, 2008 Was James an active member of this secret society? To many individuals, Jesse James is a legend of the Old West. Some say some of the loot is stashed in Jester's Cave located in Washita County, Oklahoma Through the years, the legend of James, his robberies, and undiscovered treasure has  JESSE JAMES SECRET: Codes, Cover-ups, & Hidden Treasure, Pastore. NEW * LOST MINES AND BURIED TREASURES OF OKLAHOMA, Jameson Mar 14, 2011 The pirate James Gillian, a member of Captain Kidd's crew, buried a cache of. The Jesse James gang used Robber's Cave, on the bluff along the attacked by outlaws in Oklahoma and the. gold coins were hidden in a  Jun 6, 2000. had moved to Grandbury shortly before his death, is buried in the Rash family plot "Bud Hardcastle, who is an amateur historian from Oklahoma, is working. with two grandsons of Jesse James: Jesse Quannah James and Charles A. Treasure was found from. the maps that J Frank Dalton. had provided James Lewis Dalton served an even 365 days under General Zachary Taylor as a fifer for the out law trail in the fashion of some more of their relatives, Frank and Jesse James When the new Oklahoma Territory was opened. in 1889, the Dalton family joined the The story of a hidden treasure, he said, was nonsense.
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It's also Belle Starr's final resting place, where she was buried after being a cohort of Jesse James (although he claimed. he'd had no such relationship with. (The land owner at that time was more interested in looking for buried outlaw treasure ) Highway 71 on the northern side of the Eufala Dam, Stigler, Oklahoma,  Get a taste of the Old West in Oklahoma. City, kick up your heels in Go underground in Meramec Caverns, a former hideout of Jesse James, for a glimpse of Hidden Treasure Enjoy at least one surprise Hidden Treasure experience, unique  on YouTube it is under. Jeremiah James please subscribe kansas outlaw is on Indian Artifact. Collectors Community james the outlaw probly seen me on the history channel jesse james hidden. treasure my first Oklahoma. Arrowhead Executions in Oklahoma 1841-1966 · Oklahoma. Vigilantes of Montana - Secret Trials & Midnight Hangings. Jessie James Death Hoax and Buried Treasure Oklahoma's 11 ecoregions offer many distinct. state parks, recreation areas and a game in which participants use GPS technology to locate hidden “treasures,” hideouts of former outlaws including. Belle Star and Frank and Jesse James What if they buried their treasure in a vast network of remote locations across the to this fantastic treasure were hidden in a series of mysterious coded maps? Feb 3, 2012. Born in the rugged mountains in Southeastern. Oklahoma in the land that used that held secret messages like the one shown of Jesse James  “Son, there's more treasure buried right. here In Oklahoma than in the rest of the "Jesse James's Two-Million-Dollar Treasure,"; "The Last Cave with the Iron  BURIED TREASURE NOT WORTH TROUBLE North America, including Oklahoma and possibly northeast Texas, to help finance a second Civil War. Hardcastle now thinks that Jesse James, a Missouri guerrilla fighter during the Civil War 
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By Mills This fresh new book filled with leads of buried treasures in. North Carolina may be just the one to guide you to the lead you have Treasures found in Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma JESSE JAMES WAS HIS NAME - $12. 95 Jun 18, 2013 Until the late 1940s, the story of Jesse James' life was pretty much set in stone. morning in his cabin in Oklahoma and. declared that he was in fact Jesse But Dalton's story, along with legends. of lost treasure and secret  May 1, 2013 From the idea that Templar Knights and. Christians buried treasures of the not to see Treasure Lake on the Wichita Wildlife refuge in Oklahoma The legend is that The Jesse James gang stashed looted gold in the back of a  Dec 23, 2013 Official blog for the family. of Frank & Jesse James Her friendship with today's Cherokee Chief of the West in Oklahoma informed her, children for the James family, public criticism. branded me a grave robber and a treasure seeker But Kelley Kazek is the author of. The Hidden History of Auburn (AL )  Nov 19, 2013 (Source: Heritage Auctions Inc) Press Release - November 18, 2013 The most thoroughly documented James gun ever to appear at auction  There are also many tales of Jesse James. and his crew visiting and hiding trunks could lead to the legendary hidden Confederate treasure After all, there are a lot of folks who have dreams of finding buried treasure the Franklin Mountains treasure, Jesse James' buried treasure, Belle Starr's iron Guy and Mick Fleetwood, said he thinks he's found the James loot in Oklahoma
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Mar 5, 2013 Wherever there is treasure, you'll. often find a pirate criminal guile that seeks to fleece hidden treasures — it's the. darker half of innovation, creating a balanced Ying-Yang of wealth. until they had to contend with the ferocious Jesse James gang Oklahoma's Anti-Gay Marriage Law is Unconstitutional Dec 30, 2008 If Nathan Smith's plan to search for a. buried treasure near the Texas Gulf Coast the Franklin Mountains treasure, Jesse. James' buried treasure, Belle Mick Fleetwood, said he thinks he's. found the James loot in Oklahoma "Son, there's more treasure buried right here In Oklahoma than in the rest of of Devil's Canyon and Their Gold," "Jesse. James's Two-Million-Dollar Treasure,"  Apr 18, 2011 list of all new names to see if you have treasure waiting to be claimed. Oklahoma businesses bring unclaimed cash, rebates, paychecks, royalties, A 5700 HIDDEN MEADOW DR WHEELER STACY L 5700 HIDDEN MEADOW 637 JESSIE JAMES 120 N WASHINGTON. ST JONES ELEANOR E 1902  But, you would be amazed if you realized how much of it is hidden right under our noses! It is a good It is said that Jesse James had stashed hoards of stolen money, gold, and silver throughout the Midwest region Oklahoma Treasure. - Inspired by the “sky dance” of Oklahoma's State Bird scenic treasures - 6 miles south of Freedom on SH-50 Jesse James and Belle Starr - 5 miles north of  Ruth Ella IRELAN was born in Sapulpa, Oklahoma. in 1920—only 13 years after the (Dr Knee—who was acquainted with famed outlaw, Jesse James, and his. for a two-million dollar treasure, rumored to have been buried by the James  Jul 29, 2012 are well aware of what a not-so-hidden. treasure the area's streams are near the Missouri-Oklahoma line, where the Elk spills into Grand Lake. in McDonald County have events similar to Pineville's Jesse James Days Located on rolling Oklahoma prairie land, the town site was once inhabited by Belle Starr and Jesse James could be found roaming the streets of Poteau Switch Poteau or are a long time resident, hundreds of hidden treasures still await
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Jesse James killed by Bob Ford at St. Joseph, MO. book Coronado's Children: Tales of Lost Mines and Buried. Treasures of the Southwest, which devoted a full   Dec 5, 2007 encounters a secret society, Jesse James and his own family's past search - - for buried treasure, and for his. family's links to a secretive,  *Sprindale: Jessie James may have buried treasure from a robbery in Missouri somewhere near here in a cave that was reportedly blocked by a large rock with One other bit of info I found, info which I had never heard before, was that. Jesse James killed John Wilkes Booth because Booth failed, time  I know that we have all heard of the Jesse. James treasure rooms that exist out there. There are dozens of these rooms that. are being "chalked  Apr 11, 2012 The author gives an excellent survey of most of the lost treasures in the state which Jesse James's Hidden Treasure. in the Wichita Mountains America's Lost Treasures: Jesse James' Gun Published July. 19, 2012 Kinga brings what is purportedly Jesse James' gun back to his birth place for  Apr 26, 2012 There's no doubt that interest in potential Jesse James treasure caches Labels: buried KGC caches, buried treasure in Oklahoma, Jesse and  Find Jesse James' Hidden Treasure at Amazon com Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray
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For decades crowds have scoured the Keechi hills looking for loot long buried by famous outlaws such as Frank and Jesse James Now a new generation. of  He was one of the most fabled antiheroes of the Old West, a complicated figure whose outlaw reputation captured the imagination of a nation. Jesse James Death Hoax and Buried treasures home page. Learn about the mystery surrounding Jesse James, the lady who solved it and the books she  Sep 9, 2010 Jesse James buried treasure We know where it is! Big bucks to come With Bill Armstrong, Jack Armstrong, Cole Dresser, Dwayne Dresser By the time Jesse James was killed in 1882, he'd stolen over a million and a half dollars  On April 3, 1882, Jesse James was killed by Robert Ford, who was a member This theme resurfaced in a 2009 documentary, Jesse James' Hidden Treasure,  It is estimated that 4 million dollars in gold, weapons and the like was hidden in the employ unique death traps to keep them out of the hands of treasure hunters Jesse James, a devoted train robber, was a full fledged member of the KGC Watch the Book. Trailer Discover the startling. secrets viewed E-Mail: by millions . on History Channels Jesse James Hidden Treasure + S&H submit >> $19. 95 Aug 10, 2012 The true account of how the Gillespie sisters learned about the signs and the treasure found on their property can be found in the book Rebel  May 10, 2010. The Movie: Occasionally here at DVD Talk offices, I will throw. myself what I like to call a 'surprise screener. ' It is a title that I'll review, but try to 
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Aug 25, 2010 The views are spectacular – and the stories of Jesse James come to life on Wyeth Hill – and particularly the stories of hidden treasure Oct 24, 2013 How would the ghosts of Frank and Jesse James be for a Halloween oak there in the Old Oak Grove, to. stimulate tales of buried treasure But after the Civil War, Frank and Jesse James were frequent callers in the Ozark Mountains where old timers living in this region during the time when the  Aug 17, 2013 Jesse James Treasure · Gold Coin On March 5, 1876 the James Gang reportedly buried 2 million. in gold in the Wichita Mountains near Lawton  Mar 29, 2012 Despite efforts, the lost treasure of Jesse James & Company has never been the ill-begotten gains of James. than previous treasure seekers JESSE JAMES HIDDEN TREASURE New Sealed DVD History  Nov 3, 2009 A Seattle-based production company hired local horsemen to re-enact historical. scenes for a new documentary, “Jesse James‚  Pictured: The James Gang Celebrating Jesse James' 102nd Birthday at M C In the summer of 1941, Missouri was in the midst of a rather severe drought. Oct 31, 1973 Dean C Salyer, of Lawton, first visited Oklahoma more than 25 yrs ago. with the goal of finding the lost treasure of Jesse James He has  Sep 5, 2010. Today is the birthday of outlaw Jesse James a show on History Channel about a treasure hunter. looking for Jesse James' hidden loot THE LOST TREASURE OF JESSE JAMES THE LONGEST LIST OF THE LONGEST STUFF AT THE LONGEST DOMAIN NAME AT LONG LAST  May 17, 2009 Jesse James in Texas; Bob Bowman's. East Texas column. version of Jesse James” as he and a friend looked for Jesse's buried treasure  Buried Treasures of Appalachians" , W C Jameson. pg 81 Clues noted in Italics. Although a great find for James Scott, what was greater for Brad and Mary was  Jesse James, the former Confederate guerrilla whose stage and bank robberies helped to fill KGC treasure chests This is a rousing and provocative. adventure 

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