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May 14, 2013. There's a good chance that you, like us, enjoyed a certain Saturday Night. Live sketch recently in which Weekend Update's newly branded tech  May 6, 2013 The sketch in question sees Fred Armisen extol the benefits of Google Glass to SNL's Seth Meyers Among the advantages listed by Armisen: 

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May 18, 2013. Video Of The Week: SNL's Take On Google Glass My prediction: Glass will be hugely useful on. the job (doctors, dentists, mechanics,  May 6, 2013. In the latest sign that Google Glass, the wearable computer that only a handful. of early adopters have their hands on, has made it into the  May 5, 2013. Somehow, the group of those who feel Google. Glass is a touch pointless is growing Saturday Night Live's Fred Armisen. and Seth Myers are  May 5, 2013 SNL's Weekend Update took a bat to the mysterious Google Glass, with Fred Armisen playing the show's tech correspondent trying on the  May 5, 2013 SNL Ridicules Google Glass in comedy skit highlighting some of. the drawbacks to this highly anticipated piece of technology May 6, 2013 Ah, the hilarity ensues If it's not bad enough that humans have to witness iPhone users trying to get Siri to understand their voice commands,  May 6, 2013. Google Glass has been catching a lot of flak from the non-nerd community. snl-google-glass-630 · Tweet · Share I watched Saturday Night Live last night and it was. pretty bad, but the Weekend Update did make me laugh. Check out  May 5, 2013 It looks like Google Glass, Google's new computerized. headset, has hit the mainstream. Here's SNL's take on the. face computer from last  May 5, 2013 Google Glass and its new approach to a constantly-connected lifestyle has already been the butt of a number of jokes, including Tumblr blogs  May 5, 2013 A Google Glass parody sketch on "Saturday Night Live" showed just how "easily" one can use the gadget, while holding a regular conversation 
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May 5, 2013 Aaaand the Google Glass jokes have officially gone mainstream. Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update — the bit that long ago became the  May 6, 2013 Fred Armisen demonstrated Google Glass, the all-the-rage wearable computer, on Saturday Night Live Let's just say Armisen, as Weekend  May 5, 2013. Saturday Night Live, a popular U. S comedy program that — surprise, surprise — airs. on Saturday nights, took time to portray awkward  May 5, 2013 Last night's Saturday Night Live episode included a segment on "Weekend Update" by its tech expert Randall Weeks (portrayed by actor Fred  May 6, 2013 Google Glass is the hot property on the internet right now, especially amongst those of us that live and breathe technology But it's not just those  May 6, 2013. "Peacock! Peacock! Password peacock!" That's Randall Meeks — a dweeby tech blogger played by Fred Armisen on SNL's "Weekend Update"  May 6, 2013 n a recent Saturday Night Live skit, a fictional tech correspondent. demonstrates how silly the Google Glass is to use in real life May 6, 2013 That's right, the Silicon Valley company was in the fake/real news — that is, “ Saturday Night Live ” SNL made fun of Google Glass, the  May 7, 2013 Since Google Glass was first announced, the public reaction has been a mix of . intrigue and horror — alternating between "this is the visible  SNL: Google. Glass Tech correspondent Randall Meeks has. high praise for Google Glass TAGS: FUNNY, GOOGLE GLASS, SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, SNL,   Is Google Glass the key to a seamless computing lifestyle? Not yet! This laugh- out-loud funny Saturday Night Live sketch skewers the new Google Glass  May 6, 2013. Randall Meeks, played by Fred Armisen, gives a demonstration of Google Glass on SNL's Weekend Update, a group creates the world's first  May 7, 2013. Randall Meeks, played by Fred Armisen, gives a demonstration of Google Glass on SNL's Weekend Update, a group creates the world's first  May 5, 2013 Now that Google's Glass Explorer Program is in full effect, the specs can be spotted anywhere with a high concentration of geekery Naturally 
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May 5, 2013 Google Glass is supposed to make us feel connected, but it's undeniably. awkward to have a conversation with a camera mounted to the side of  May 6, 2013 Google Glass is an impressive device that lets users walk around with a smart computer visible in the corner of their eye, but like most pieces of  May 5, 2013. Weekend Update takes on Google's. wearable computer. Try not to nod. your head May 5, 2013 Anonymous. said. Quality content is the secret to be a focus for the users to pay a visit the web site, that's what this web site is providing Jun 2, 2013 Google Glass is in trouble if Saturday Night Live's. portrayal of how people view it is any guide. Jun 7, 2013 Google Glass Sketch - Snl. Google - Saturday Night Live Google Sketch - Snl Saturday Night Live - Randall Meeks - Fred Armisen boy do i  Mar 7, 2013 In "How Guys Will Use Google Glass," a guy wearing Google Glass goes on a. SNL mocks Google Glass, reveals real reason men want it  May 5, 2013 Google Glass has begun to roll out to lucky developers, as well as other Android enthusiasts Early reviews suggest that they. might be a little  SNL takes on Google Glass :) #peacock # peacock #peacock. May 5, 2013 Google Glass Gets 'Sarah Palinized' on SNL Tweet Google Glas I watched this past weekend's Zach Galifianakis-hosted episode of SNL on  May 15, 2013. Last week, SNL's Fred Armisen starred in a Weekend Update segment where he played Randall Meeks, who was one of the show's  May 7, 2013. By now you've undoubtedly heard about Google Glass, the wearable computer with a head-mounted display (HMD) that will allow you to  May 5, 2013. Glass can do a lot of cool stuff, but on a number of levels it's just a blooper reel waiting to happen If iOS's autocorrect could produce that many  SNL's “Weekend Update” took a bat to the mysterious Google Glass, with Fred. Armisen playing the show's “tech correspondent” trying on the  May 6, 2013. Watch Saturday Night Live skewer Google. Glass-obsessed tech reporters [The Verge] A drone got stuck on a statue on top of a courthouse in 
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May 6, 2013. I think they nailed it…at least for the first version of Glass How long it takes Google to hammer out the initial. shortcomings of Glass is the big  May 16, 2013 Following a 'Saturday Night Live' sketch in which the actor hilariously demonstrates the awkwardness of using Google Glass, Fred Armisen  May 6, 2013. Saturday Night Live is known for its hilarious and infamous parodies of pop culture news In the most recent episode, Weekend Update set its May 10, 2013. Here's a look at the best spoofs on Google's controversial glasses, including takes from The Daily Show's John Stewart and Saturday Night Live  May 6, 2013 You are nobody until Saturday Night Live makes fun of you. So it is safe to say that. Google Glass has arrived. During this weekend's SNL's  Nov 20, 2013 20Nov o-SNL-GOOGLE-GLASS-facebook While many folks have heard about Google Glass, not many know what it actually does. According  Fred Armisen Tries Google Glass A Saturday Night Live sketch brought to life posted on May 15, 2013. at 1:12pm EDT Whitney Jefferson BuzzFeed Staff posted  May 6, 2013. This weekend Saturday Night Live delivered a comedic take on Google Glass that might have some considering the practicality of the  May 5, 2013. Google Glass makes SNL in a funny way ? Saturday Night Live. · nbc. com 89 17 william ashbee's profile photo Ralph Gauthier's profile photo  May 6, 2013 Weekend Update crew poke fun at the next. great distraction: Google Glass May 5, 2013. Update' Roundup, Featuring. Gun Control & Google Glass Since its inception in 1975, "SNL" has launched the careers of many of the  May 6, 2013. 1) Saturday Night Live has. taken on Google Glass In a skit during the late-night comedy show's Weekend Update segment, “tech  May 6, 2013. Let the Glass parodies begin! Wearing what looked more like a stapler than. the high-tech Google Glass gadget, "Saturday Night Live"  May 7, 2013 Wearable computers are hilarious and who better to capture the humor than Fred Armisen on Saturday Night Live. As the technology is  May 10, 2013 Glass is getting savage reviews and SNL parodies and it's spawned the term " glasshole. " Developer version or no, it's already done, says  May 6, 2013 While many are gushing over Google Glass, it has become the butt of. many jokes including Tumblrs, cartoons and now Saturday Night Live
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May 5, 2013. The hilarious actors at Saturday Night Live have parodied Google Glass, the new technology out of Google that displays information right into  May 6, 2013. When your product is being ridiculed on Saturday Night Live long before it actually. releases, it's safe to say that you've got a major potential  Aug 27, 2013 If you thought the Saturday Night Live skit was exaggerating, here's a friend trying my Google glasses Actually I'd say the reality. is dead center  May 12, 2013 Google Glass SNL Parody to Facebook Labels: augmented reality, Google Glass. Google adds experimental proxy to Chrome for Android May 9, 2013 SNL takes on. Google Glass. This was a funny Saturday Night Live (SNL) bit poking fun at Google Glass Labels: augmented reality, Fred  May 16, 2013 Fans may notice that when Fred tries out Google Glass, he looks a lot like one of his SNL characters, the tech correspondent Randall Meeks:. May 9, 2013 The buzz continues to build about Google Glass, generating reviews, opinion pieces, etiquette guides. -- even a Saturday Night Live sketch. May 7, 2013 And before continuing, yes, I know it's. called Google Glass, not Google of ridicule on Saturday Night Live and received scathing pre-release  May 29, 2013 The latest in 'augmented reality' – Google Glass is a new wearable. computer with an optical head-mounted display that is being developed by  May 7, 2013. Google Glass has stolen headlines again - this. time thanks to a Saturday Night Live skit SNL's Weekend Update spoofed the wearable mobile  May 6, 2013 Glass can do a lot of cool stuff, but on a number of levels it's just a blooper reel waiting to happen Thankfully, Saturday. Night Live has alre
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May 6, 2013. Ready or not, Google Glass is poised to become a part of our tech lives One question on our minds: if the augmented. reality glasses catch on,  Aug 30, 2013. Google Glass is only the latest in a long line of wearable technology. against it and a parody of its use appeared. on “Saturday Night Live. May 17, 2013 This season on SNL, Fred Armisen, also the co-creator and co-star of the IFC hit comedy Portlandia, showed up to “Weekend Update” as the  May 5, 2013. During Saturday Night Live's 'Weekend Update' corespondent Randall Meeks demonstrated how you can use Google Glass without being  Jul 22, 2013. Is there such a thing as Google Glass Privacy? How do you feel about someone else being able to film your every move without your  May 5, 2013. SNL Recap: The Natural Comedy. and Casual Racism of Zach. overall, with Fred Armisen laying waste to. Google Glass, as well as a fourth  Being in the tech field, I've heard tons about Google Glass. I've seen No 99% of that was BS The glasses were even backwards :) Ambient  Jul 1, 2013 Google Glass, the smart-computer headset, has garnered as much. In a recent Saturday Night Live sketch, Fred Armisen pokes fun at the  May 2, 2013 Google Glass is in the wild and reviews are beginning to flow in. /2013/05/05/ awkward-tech-bloggers-google-glass-mocked-on-snl-video/. Jun 1, 2013. Google Glass is a full fledged computer. with a head mounted display. social potential of Glass as Randall Meeks on SNL's Weekend Update
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May 6, 2013. The totally-natural Google Glass lampooned by Saturday Night Live On this weekend's SNL episode, Randall Meeks - white guy with Google  May 7, 2013. You know you have a pop culture phenomenon on your hands when you make an appearance on Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update,  May 6, 2013 Saturday Night Live weighed in on Google's Glass. over the weekend -- what are your thoughts? May 6, 2013 The essential tech news of the moment Technology's news site of record. Not for dummies. May 6, 2013 This article explores Steve's. first 48 hours with Google Glass Have you guys seen the hilarious SNL sketch of glass yet? http://bit ly/10CVvYC 2013?5?4? SNL Hilarious Google Glass Sketch - May 4, 2013. ?????Glass ????? ????????????? ?? ?? 8????????? May 6, 2013 Saturday Night Live attempts a Google Glass skit, fails miserably May 5, 2013 This is the third time that Zach Galifianakis. has hosted SNL, but his first Because laughing at people wearing Google Glass isn't old just yet May 6, 2013. SNL makes the Google Glasses more awkward and it really hits close to home. Check out the video. May 6, 2013 With this past weekends Saturday Night Live spoof, Google Glass has officially gone mainstream As part of Weekend Update. with Seth Meyers  May 6, 2013 On the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live, Randall Meeks gives a. humorous demo of Google Glass that pokes fun at the device's  Recent changes among the corporation's products, like. Gmail, Google Glass, Google+, and YouTube, have 2. 'Saturday Night Live' Takes On Google Glass Google Glass winners on the map (only includes winners. from Twitter Google+ API does not allow for easy access to winners) the actual locations are moved  May 16, 2013 Armisen, who has been on the show for 11 seasons, can focus on Portlandia and wearing Google Glass full time now; Sudeikis will likely enjoy  in other cities, making surgery into a collaboration, according to Brent Ponce, an orthopedic surgeon who is testing the Google Glass. SNL Promo: Drake. May 6, 2013 You may already be part of the Google Glass Elite, or at least you've seen Fred Armisen's bit on SNL over the weekend or visited White Men 
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May 17, 2013 The porn industry and Google Glass could soon be a marriage made in well, a private. Caught Watching Porn On Google Glass, SNL Sketch. 15 Percent of Americans Willing. to Pay $299 for Google Glass. of YouTube, SNL, and even Vogue, nearly six in ten Americans couldn't identify Google Glass if  Oct 3, 2013. watch-snl-roast-google-glass-in-last-nights- Even when Google Glass was only a rumor, there were questions about whether it was a glimpse  News, videos and photos about google-glass. - Technology  May 4, 2013 Early adopters might make Google Glass seem dorky. There's a reason that Saturday Night Live put a Bluetooth headset on Jason Sudeikis in  Oct 31, 2013 Abadie, a Google Glass Explorer, or test participant, said the officer didn't parody google glass smosh google glass snl google glass video May 6, 2013 The folks at Saturday Night live have jumped onto the let's. give Google Glass users a VERY hard time bandwagon May 5, 2013. If you wonder what normals are thinking, the above is probably a good guess. Google would be well served to make a few more of those feel  May 6, 2013 SNL Takes on Google Glass During SNL's Weekend Update, the cast joked around a bit about the complications and odd appearance of  SNL - WES ANDERSON HORROR · editor · SNL - WE DID STOP. (the government) · editor · SNL - STEFON'S GOOGLE GLASS - CERN · editor · SNL  
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May 9, 2013. Comedians Are Having a Field Day From the SNL skit where Fred Armisen couldn't. get Google Glass to recognize the password “peacock,” to  May 6, 2013 Jokes deriding Google Glass are ultimately. indicative of the new technology's On Saturday Night Live, the incomparably goofy Fred Armisen  Nov 12, 2013. He hooked up with Google to demonstrate. how Google Glass hopes to Comedian Sasheer Zamata joins the cast of Saturday Night Live Dec 6, 2013. Using Google Glasses as if they were a bluetooth device this guy pranks Drake Proves He's Ready To Take Over 'SNL' In New Promos  May 18, 2013. Google Glass has had a rocky re-entry into popular culture in the last few Notably, "Saturday Night Live" parodied the eyewear, casting Fred  May 31, 2013 Reaction to the Google Glass project on wearable computing has been polarized -- coming in for a heavy portion of ridicule (as in this "SNL"  Jul 27, 2013 I was lucky enough to be able to get. my very own Google Glass just. you think about the SNL skit, I've seen you wearing Glass and I have to  Nov 5, 2013. I am currently in Wisconsin Dells at the. Google in Education Midwest Summit I am intrigued by the glasses and slightly amused due to the SNL parody While it was interesting to learn how he has used Google Glass in the  Dec 1, 2013 Nick Starr was wearing the glasses, which. allow users to take pictures and Owner David Meinert, who banned Google Glass at another one of his Bobby Moynihan and Jay Pharoah in SNL. promos; Sarah Jessica Shoes 
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Google. Glass 54035 likes · 2749 talking about this. We started Project Glass to build technology that's seamless, beautiful and empowering To share the. world  https://developers google com/glass/; Joined on Mar 18, 2013 the visual display, you can tap the touchpad to have Glass speak your current orientation aloud It's not a demo, more of a philosophical argument: Why did Sergey Brin and his. team at Google want to build an eye-mounted camera/computer, codenamed  1 day ago. SAN DIEGO (Reuters) - A woman ticketed for driving while wearing Google Glass , a tiny computer mounted on an eyeglass frame, is scheduled  22 hours. ago From Yahoo News: SAN DIEGO (AP) — A San Diego traffic court threw out a citation Thursday against a woman believed to be the first motorist  "In its favour, if Google Glass didn't exist, all these Silicon Valley guys would be having affairs or buying unsuitable motorbikes” Nominate! @WhiteMenGlass Big News on Google's. Project Glass Includes blogs, news, and community conversations about Google's Project Glass. Project Glass is an effort from Google. to develop augmented reality glasses. The concept for these glasses was introduced. on April 4, 2012 on a Google+ page Find great deals on eBay for Google Glass in Domain Name Services. Shop with . confidence. 19 hours. ago. A San Diego traffic court judge dismissed the first traffic ticket issued to a person for using "Google Glass" while driving a car. Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display ( OHMD). that is being developed by Google in the Project Glass research and  Turn Glass on and off by pressing the round power button, located on the inner right side of the device. Google Glass - Getting technology out of the way - We started Project Glass to build technology that's seamless, beautiful and empowering. To share the world  Welcome to a world through Glass It's surprisingly simple Say “take a picture” to take a picture Record what you see Hands-free. Even share what you see.

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