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May 24, 2013 Google Glass may not be the first AR headset we've ever seen but it's certainly the one that's getting the most attention thanks to it. 7 hours. ago The release date of Google Glass could debut in April 2014 with a. price tag of $600, which is twice the amount suggested earlier.

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Nov 7, 2013. Tuesday on Google Plus, Venture Glass announced new plans by. changes, and probably won't say a word until the final version is released Dec 31, 2013. "With the launch of Google Play Music. on Google Glass, we've secured. Google has not given an exact date of. when the device will become  Oct 15, 2013 We know just about everything there. is to know about Google Glass Participants in the Explorer program (including yours truly here at  Feb 20, 2013 Google posted a video of its upcoming Google Glass wearable headset, providing a more realistic look at the device's user interface Dec 17, 2013. The Qualcomm Toq with the Google Glass Explorer Edition The rumored release date for retail Google Glass. is sometime in the first half of  Aug 19, 2013. Google sources have backed away from earlier projections that the company's Glass wearable computer would ship later this year. Welcome to a world through Glass It's surprisingly simple Say “take a picture” to take a picture. Record what you see Hands-free Even share what. you see Welcome to a world through Glass Learn more about Google Glass, the Glass Explorer. program, the newest Glassware, and more On the same day, Google also released a web-based setup. page for Glass, as well as the MyGlass companion app Developers were also given first access to  3 hours. ago Hey Glass Holes, hey, hey, Glass Holes it's everything you need to know about Google Glass Dec 30, 2013 The Google Glass release date is set to hit the public by 2014 and cost nearly the same as a high-end smartphone Nov 20, 2013 The Google Glass release date is predicted to launch in 2014. Will the smart eyewear be adopted by the masses?
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Nov 7, 2013. Google Glass: release date, news and features - Everything we know so far about Google's glasses: what are they, what they do and when  Oct 11, 2013 Let Google Glass take you to dinner. with the updated Google Maps Sep 25, 2013 In the Glass XE7 update, released in early July, Google added a web browser I use it to read the news and look up movie ratings on IMDb Jun 27, 2012 Google Glass Price And. Release Date Revealed Google has priced "Project Glass," the amazing. net-connected eyeglasses the company first  Oct 29, 2013. Google published two photos of the next version of Glass, its computer device that you can wear like glasses, on Tuesday in a Google+ post Jan 10, 2014 The Google Glass is set to make some brand new innovations as it becomes an essential part of the next Genesis sedan of the Hyundai Motor  Jan 5, 2014 The Google Glass is just one product that might hit stores this year Google is keeping the launch date of its Google Glass under wraps but it  Aug 23, 2013 Even though Google Glass is out in the wild and on the heads of around 10000 people, there are still plenty of questions about it. For a long  Aug 20, 2013 Google will not ship consumer units of its Glass headset until 2014, according to a new report Aug 20, 2013 Citing that it's "always adjusting and readjusting timelines," Google is pushing back the launch date for its Glass computerized headset to 2014,  Nov 26, 2013. Google Glass invitations have been sent out to more developers, as its Apple iPhone 6 Release Date Revealed as New Touch ID Enters  Dec 4, 2013 We know that Google continues to near the public release of Glass, but there is no for sure date yet. We anticipate it will be in. 2014, but whether  Jan 2, 2014. Google Glass has been out in the wild since March of last year but there's still no news on a release date for the general public Google  Apr 23, 2013 It appears that Google is still sticking to the timeframe for a general-release version of Glass that it set out at the project's genesis Oct 29, 2013. Is the public release date for Google Glass finally approaching?
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Oct 29, 2013 (CNN) -- A new version of Google Glass, the company's breakthrough entry into the world of wearable tech, is on the way Current testers, or  Stay updated on all Google Glass. news, trailers, and rumors. We know the release date so you don't have to. The computing headgear unveiled at a Google launch event in 2012 has created lot of excitement However, though most have read. and heard about the  Oct 19, 2013. As we approach the 2014 release date of Google Glass, tinkerers and app. developers have innovating several apps for the new smartglasses Jan 3, 2014. Hang w/, the video streaming app has now been released on Google Glass You can now showcase your surroundings. from a first person  Dec 17, 2013 Google today released a new MyGlass companion app for the iPhone, which is designed to increase compatibility between Google Glass and  3 days ago. As we wait for official word from Google on a release date, developers are continuing to work on a range of apps so the device can launch with  1 day ago Perhaps the most exciting part is the spring 2014 release date. Since it's a Google Glass only app aimed at. the public it's a fair assumption that  Nov 12, 2013 A number of tipsters noticed a change. this week in Google's Glass The Verge that the new option isn't part of a wider consumer launch, which  Aug 9, 2013 Recently, a lot of tech blogs and news sites picked up on a rumor that Glass would cost $299 when it is released. It gained so much. steam,  Nov 24, 2013 Google (finally) released its Glass Development Kit to. the world (of Glass developers) this past Tuesday. While it's a welcome. bit of relief for  Nov 8, 2013 To some, it seems as though Google Glass has already been released, with tons of developer kits out in the wild and numerous reviews  Find great deals on eBay for Google Glass in Domain Name Services. Shop with Version 2 0 Google Glass Version 2 0 is the version that was just released Jan 2, 2014 Google Glass might be priced at around $600 when it launches in 2014. iOS 7 release date and time are today (Sep 18), get ready to update!
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Nov 4, 2013 The new Google Glass 2 release also includes a mono earpod for is no official Google Glass pricing or Google Glass release date for the  Nov 24, 2013. The Glass Development Kit preview released by Google opens up many of the options that had been absent from the developer's toolbox May 22, 2013. Google has confirmed that its Google glass device will commercially launch to the public later this year Apr 18, 2013 The first videos from Google Glass, billed as the future of computing, show Google finally released the wearable 'Glass' computer it hopes  Apr 22, 2013 Although gadget fans may be itching. to buy a Google Glass headset, one year's time, which would give. it a release date of early to mid 2014 Apr 22, 2013 The commercial launch of Google Glass is still a "year-ish" away, according to Google's Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt 6 days ago Google Glass isn't the only smart headset in town CES brought us a bunch of There's no set launch date for the DK40 Laura Baverman  Google's wearable computing device Google Glass is one of the. most anticipated devices scheduled to be released in near future Nov 26, 2013 Google recently released the Glass Developers Kit (GDK), and in awesome Google fashion, they had to celebrate They decided to invite. more  Stories in Google Glass include: 'Google Working On A Smart Contact Lens', ' Hands. On Epson's Moverio BT-200: Augmented Reality Lite', 'Will Google Glass  May 1, 2013. Google has released the first video user guide for its augmented reality glasses, Google Glass Feb 22, 2013. Everyone's favorite future toy, Google Glass, may soon be more than a gadget- blogger's fantasy Tech website The. Verge has gotten. Dec 17, 2013 Good news for Google Glass owners in Apple's ecosystem this morning Google has launched MyGlass, its official companion app for its $1500 computerized They released native Google Music app about a month ago Aug 26, 2013 Google Glass is still on track for a 2014 release date, and hopefully one day soon we know an actual price to start aiming and saving for. Nov 11, 2013. The Explorer Edition of Google Glass, which costs. a hefty $1500, was released in February 2013 The consumer version, expected to cost $300  Aug 9, 2013 The public launch date for Google Glass has yet to be confirmed, however it is. starting to look like they will arrive quite a bit less expensive as 
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Does anyone know when "normal people" will be able to buy Google Glass? Despite the Tags: Google glass, release date, retail release Topic: Personal  Nov 11, 2013. The main concern amongst those who consider themselves fans of Google's latest smartglass wearable device, the Google Glass, is whether or  Nov 1, 2013 Accessible only to developers who already have access to Google Glass Glass with corrective lenses, no official widespread launch date has  Google quietly launched a new. project page on Google+ April 3rd was a good date to start If they'd launched a couple days earlier, we might have mistaken the   Aug 11, 2013 How much will Google Glass cost when it's released to consumers? May 21, 2013 Previously, Google has been saying publicly that Glass would launch to the masses in 2014, but that timeframe is now being shortened. Nov 1, 2013. Google launches elite e-shop for Google Glass accessories. on a Google Glass with corrective lenses, no. official widespread launch date has  Feb 22, 2013 The tentative consumer release time frame for Google Glass is sooner than the 2014 general product launch timeline stated by Google  Jun 28, 2013 Before Google's Glass has even released on any kind of consumer scale — with the Explorer beta program the only real way to get your hands  Oct 31, 2013 That's fitting, perhaps, as the Explorer Edition of Google Glass is limited Google launched it only in the US and is only slowly adding new users to its iPhone 6 rumours, price and release date · Moto G Google Play edition  It appears Google's gearing up to launch Google Glass in the UK at some point look silly and uses your existing Android phone, so you always stay up to date
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Nov 1, 2013. Accessible only to developers who already have access to Google Glass Glass with corrective lenses, no official. widespread launch date has  The first two reports were released in 1990 and 1995, respectively Both of these highlighted the Google Glass is launched to the public Google Glass is an  Oct 9, 2013 Google Glass is due to be released next year, so how will it impact on Google Glass has an built-in prism display. - that sits just above your  Dec 31, 2013 "With the launch of Google Play. Music on Google Glass, we've. seems we're getting closer to a real public. release date for the device in 2014 Dec 22, 2013. When Google Glass was first unleashed on the world, the wearable device was really only useful for those with Android smartphones, as the  Sep 27, 2013. Google had been widely tipped to launch Google Glass late this year, though the expected date has since been pushed to early next year Nov 16, 2013 Have you ever wanted to check Roberto Carlos' date of birth without looking away from your TV? Or maybe watch Didier Drogba's little  Jul 12, 2013 Google Glass is the most famous. computing device that augments will be three or four “compelling” products released within the next year Sep 27, 2013 Telstra 'launches' AFL app for. Google Glass, despite the wearable. not being available to consumers and having no commercial launch date May 17, 2013 Facebook and Twitter launched applications Thursday for Google glasses as Google co-rounder Sergey Brin wears. Google Glass glasses at an The new details released by state police revealed their belief that the 
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Feb 23, 2012 The highly-anticipated 'Google Googles' augmented reality glasses might not be such an unrealistic prospect after all, after new rumours  Mar 6, 2013. shows a man using Google Glass to play games during a date. will reportedly launch a "fully-polished" version of Google Glass by the end  Sep 26, 2013 Google had been widely tipped to launch Google Glass late this year, though the expected date has since been pushed to early next year Feb 22, 2013 Google's wearable computing project is closer to launch than we previously thought, but do you want to wear them? If you've not heard yet, Google Glass is a revolution, and could completely change the mobile Google Glass might be released. around Google I/O 2014. Mar 21, 2013. The only way to easily obtain Google Glass right now is by getting a job with Google So what the world wants to know. is when non-Google  Jul 18, 2013 Google is getting a lot of attention for its Glass. wearable computer, but it's not the only. Google has not yet set a release date for Glass Feb 20, 2013 Want to see how Google Glass actually. feels? It's surprisingly simple Say "take a picture" to take a picture Record what you. see, hands free Oct 29, 2013. Google plans to release a less-expensive model of Glass next year California, company did something similar in 2004 after it released Gmail  Sep 30, 2013. Telstra has announced a new app for Google Glass, despite the fact the augmented reality glasses are still to be released in Australia. Apr 30, 2013 Overall, though, Google Glass is no. more or less uncomfortable to wear The New York Times app is the most. notable to be released to the  Jan 2, 2013. Though an exact date is still unknown, Google Glass is still in progress toward a developer launch in the first half of this year Babak Parviz  Apr 22, 2013 Google Glass retail launch still a year away. made it clear that a retail launch of Google Glass is still “a year-ish away ” Sort by DateRating Feb 20, 2013 Search engine giant Google released new details Wednesday about its highly- awaited Google Glass device, a smartphone-like product that is 
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Dec 18, 2013 The launch of Google Glass was accompanied. with concerns over its impact and have suggested a figure of. $50bn figure by the same date Sep 26, 2013 Google Glass is about to get one. of its biggest updates yet Google has typically released the Glass update within the first half of each month,  May 31, 2012 Google Sergey Brin Hints Google Glass. To Come Commercially In 2013. hinting on a possible commercial release date of the said gadget Oct 11, 2013 With Google Glass launching in the very near future, you may be seeing it The launch date hasn't been confirmed. yet, but it's reported to be  Dec 16, 2013 A "Duck Hunt"-inspired video game. for Google Glass called "Glass The game was released this weekend and is available to download for  Aug 19, 2013 Google ([[GOOG]] +1%) sources tell Computerworld. Glass won't see a full. people are panicking bc the glass launch date was pushed back Jan 9, 2014. The Google Glass eyewear is officially scheduled to launch sometime in. from Google employees about the exact release date of the device Vuzix Smart Glasses To Launch Ahead Of Google Glass - Tools Journal has also recently released its software development. kit (SDK), which would enable  Jul 27, 2013 Google Glass still is under. wraps internationally BMW has developed it, and so has Garmin, who will released a GPS that displays driving 
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Aug 13, 2013. To many, Google Glass seems like an unnecessary, expensive, odd-looking smartphone accessory To Aleksandra Blaszczuk, Google's  Oct 28, 2013 Intuit is experimenting with payments applications. for Google Glass, smartwatches. have an official name and there is no official launch date, says Osman Although Google Glass has not launched to the general public,  Aug 12, 2013 Google may not be ready to announce the official price or launch date for Google Glass just yet, but the company is continuing to roll out new  Jul 26, 2013 Before he even knew that Google Glass was in the works, Partho Next, there's the launch date itself, which. is estimated to be in early 2014  Nov 8, 2013. This list is definitive and official and cannot be changed or altered in any way Aug 1, 2013 UK drivers could be banned from using Google's head-mounted mobile technology, Google Glass, even before it is released to the public Nov 12, 2013 The new update to Glass brings. support for Google Play Music Release date:. Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare landing. on February 25th  Oct 6, 2013. He also stated that one of the limitations of Google Glass was its battery Battlefield 4: PC, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 Patch Released,  12 hours ago File picture shows attendees wearing. Google Glass while posing for a Google has not announced a public release. date for Google Glass but  Apr 4, 2012 A video released by Google on Wednesday, which can be seen below, showed potential uses for Project Glass A man wanders around the 
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Nov 22, 2012 TIME magazine says we'll have Google Glass. by 2014, a bit later than people had hoped Sep 4, 2013. A 2014 launch date for the Glass app store makes sense; Google. Glass may be commercially available sometime next year The next Android  Dec 31, 2013 Prediction 1: Google Glass won't be released in 2014 as planned computing device won't make its planned launch date by the end of 2014 Feb 21, 2013 When Google announced Glass almost a year ago, a concept video was . released showing what sort of features the company wanted to  Dec 16, 2013 “Samsung developing own. version of Google Glass We will. see Early Google Nexus 5 Release Date Ruled Out – Still No Partner Lined Up? Oct 14, 2013 Google Glass could soon be rivalled by a cheaper, more simplistic set of. for developers, with no consumer price or release date announced Oct 8, 2013. Samsung Gear Glass: Google Glass Rival Tipped to Release By April Or May Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date Set for March in London? Aug 29, 2013 Google Glass was developed by the secretive Google. X Lab and overall can be described as a When is the google glass being released ? Jun 4, 2013 Seattle company MiKandi released the first pornographic app for Google Glass. on Monday, but Google almost immediately changed its policies  Jan 2, 2013 The Google Glass release date should still be in the early part of 2013. Oct 29, 2013 Though a launch date has not been announced, Google did confirm the new Glass version would arrive by the end of this year. This is still  Jul 22, 2013. Google is getting the guns ready for a big launch of Google Glass, the augmented glasses currently being tested by 'Explorers' who were lucky  Oct 9, 2013. The search giant released another update XE10 for its Google The Google Glass is expected to be rolled out to the masses in the next year. Sep 4, 2013. An eye on apps: Google Glass app store set to launch in 2014. own app store in 2014, though the firm is yet to pin down an exact launch date. Aug 13, 2013 So far Google Glass has been released to a strictly limited list of people at the incredibly high price of $1,500, and it's been given powers that 

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