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May 2, 2013 He released a native android app for google glass on github. called Winky that is doing just what we expected It takes pictures with a wink of an  Jan 9, 2014 google-glass-api · Bug reports. and feature requests for Issue 352: Gradle-fying . the GDK Demos on Github. 1 person starred this issue and 

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Sep 26, 2013 github + codeship + heroku + hipchat + Code-Climate. Anytime a new platform. They decided to build a Google Glass integration to help  Nov 21, 2013 Google Glass { Corey Leigh Latislaw (@corey_latislaw) Matt. GDK App Demo { “ok glass show the doctor” https://github com/colabug/  These are the notes for the Making with Google Glass presentation at World Maker Faire New York on The source code for this application is found on Github Integrate GitHub with. Google Glass Popular GitHub and Google. Glass Recipes GitHub Google Glass · Github to Glass by kurtisnelson on Jan 16, 2014 I'd like to know when something happens on a github repo for an open source app I wrote Before Zapier, custom integrations between web apps like GitHub and Google Glass were only for businesses with large developer resources But, Zapier. is  Nov 1, 2013 Here are the slides of my "Google Glass Development without Glass" Download Glass APKs: https://github. com/zhuowei/Xenologer#install  Nov 20, 2013 At a hackathon for Glass Explorers, Google revealed the full set of compass, stopwatch and timer, available as a sneak peek on GitHub now. Nov 19, 2013 We'll be on Stack Overflow along with many more Google Glass All of our sample projects are hosted. on GitHub for your convenience. Nov 22, 2013 Assets. Send to Glass buttons - Use these button assets on web pages or applications that let users send content to Glass Get it on Glass  Dec 28, 2013 Create python web applications for Google Glass. Contribute to glass py development by creating an account on GitHub. Nov 24, 2013 winky - A way to enable wink to take a photo with Google Glass
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https://developers. google. com/glass/; Joined. on Mar 18, 2013 the visual display, you can tap the touchpad to. have Glass speak your current orientation aloud Glass-Rails This is a ruby gem extracted out of Thirst. Droplet, a google glass application. The goal of this gem is to provide a more. convenient wrapper around   Jun 17, 2013 I'm happy to announce the launch of our open source Google Glass is available on Github:. https://github com/lambdal/LambdaBackup May 6, 2013 Now, he's published both apps. to GitHub under an Apache 2. 0 license Launchy on GitHub A way to launch native. apps on Google Glass Jan 9, 2014 Remember to read the readme on github on how to use them. Labels: Alpha Android Azure GlassShare GlassWare Google Glass Java Menu  Google Glass is a new paradigm in the world of connected computers, and the Orbotix. team was lucky enough to receive this one last week at Google I/O in San What's Inside. Google Glass? is licensed under Creative Commons BY NC SA 3. It is maintained in a GitHub repository, forks and pull requests are welcome Aug 21, 2013 We already saw augmented reality on Google Glass last month as. can access the OpenGlass open-source. library at Github for Glass  ReKognition SDKs for Google Glass. Download SDKView it on Github Google Glass opens a new window for developers to build creative apps, and we believe   May 24, 2013 Want to experience the look and feel of the Google Glass OS on your. Head on over to the Xenologer GitHub page for more information about  You can download the System Dump of Google Glass by visiting AP: Link Glass Gestures: https://github. com/SferaDev/GlassGestures Sep 17, 2013 Learn how Monica Wilkinson from. Crushpath built a Google Glass wrote a while back definitely helped (https://github com/ciberch/mirror-api). It is that time of the month again and. Google has blessed us with another. Github user, Zhuowei, has already updated his. Glass Lab Experiments gist with the  I recently accepted an invite to purchase an Explorer Edition of Google Glass Well. What Google has provided, is a github library that provides some simple 
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Google Glass : Maximal number of characters in a Card? ports the ZXing project to Google Glass https://github com/BarcodeEye/BarcodeEye After you clone  Google Glass presentation at SXSW. 2013 by Timothy Jordan The google and some sdk work. on https://github com/IwanUswak/google-glass-mirror-api-sdk  Nov 10, 2013 Through Glass: Building apps for Google Glass with App Engine and. Here are the slides and github repo from the talk I gave at SoCal Code  Most people look at Google Glass as being an unrealistic and impractical . moonshot technology; that there isn't a practical use case for Glass But the most lasting impression of Google Glass is that of empathy - Glass Fork me on GitHub Dec 1, 2013 The GDK Demo apps I'm putting on. GitHub can used to quickly try out. let anybody easily test these new APIs on Google Glass without having  May 30, 2013. But what are the cyber glasses. all about? A developer has Zhuowei Zhang offers following modified Glass-services. on GitHub: Glass Home  Nov 13, 2013 I started to look around and found a GitHub project. that allows users to share photos to Dropbox via Sweeney Todd Through Google Glass Aug 14, 2013 Using this hack, users can install different parts of Google Glass After you done with few above listed steps, navigate to Github, here you can  May 18, 2013 Newly released code can create a basic Glass app in 15 minutes. Google Glass Mirror Ruby Sinatra. Scaffold on Github Related: Google's  Dec 24, 2013 Hello World Immersion - Developing for Google Glass #2 This article. The source code for this Hello World Glassware is available on GitHub. Mar 2, 2013. Google Glass: You Can't Control the. Future There's been quite a bit of mathias github com by Matt Gauger is licensed under a Creative  Nov 15, 2013 Currently, sending an email with Google Glass is trivial, you just say “OK Google Glass vignette. Follow his exploits on. Twitter and GitHub Jun 1, 2013. Upon first hearing about Google Glass, along with “How much will it cost? If you want the source files, you can find them on GitHub png 
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Sep 22, 2013 An application to fly your ARDrone quadcopter with Google Glass and maps it to drone commands. (http://github com/jose-troche/GlassAR ) Dec 10, 2013 Or maybe Google will add this OBVIOUS. functionality to Glass one of throw us a bone and put a link to the. app/github page why don't ya! Jul 19, 2013. GitHub makes adding a license to your project easier, US government overhauls it's data site. Augmented Reality Comes to Google Glass. May 24, 2013. Google Glass is very much an experimental piece of hardware and it turns Over on Github, Zhuowei Zhang has posted the whole list of Glass  May 22, 2013 What this means is Google Glass users will get the benefit of receiving the Bell says he will upload the tweak to GitHub shortly and eventually  May 22, 2013. Because opening up iOS Device notifications. through Google Glass requires Bell says he will upload the tweak to GitHub in the coming days May 2, 2013 ON YOUR FACE INTERNET EYEWARE Google Glass will be. The work so far, for those who have Google Glass, is available through Github Google Glass information and news -Find out about the Google Glassware Developer Kit GDK We are official Glass Glass GitHub Downloads · Glass Terms of  Dec 7, 2013. Video of GlassFart, the first. fart app for Google Glass But his source code is available for download from Github, and he's hoping other Gas  May 31, 2013 Google is intentionally limiting the audience of non-native Glass developers by putting. You can get the source code. for the app here: GitHub Apr 16, 2013 With the first few Google Glass Explorer Edition units now coming off the. code from the site or subscribe to Google Glass' GitHub repository Sep 19, 2013 Google Glass is augmented reality—and. then again, it isn't approach is fleshed out—Open Glass posted their code to Github—something  Jul 24, 2013 As SearchEngineLand points out, there is a Google Glass Adsense. Developer Chad Smith announced the. App, which is hosted at Github Jun 22, 2013. Announcing "Send To Google Glass" - a Google Chrome Extension that let's you send text notes and images to your. Source on GitHub. BY Brent Dirks on Wed May 22nd, 2013 cydia google google glass iWatch. Bell told 9to5Mac that he will upload the tweak to GitHub in the next few days and  Jul 6, 2013. However, GitHub user zhuowei posted some additional “hidden” He notes that there's currently no central. repository for Google Glass apps 
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May 27, 2013 We show you how to install Google Glass on your Android phone right Just head over to Zhuowei's GitHub page here and download then  Aug 19, 2013. I'm pretty excited to be a part of the Google Glass Explorer program You can see the full code on Github, where you will also find a link to an  May 1, 2013. One Google Glass developer has already created a lock screen app. A description and download of the. app is available through GitHub. This PDF file contains pages extracted from Programming Google Glass, along with the book (or from GitHub. 1) You neednrt be a Java expert. to use this book  Jul 23, 2013 Via the ZAGG blog comes news of a new. Google Analytics app for Google Glass. Smith has shared installation. instructions on GitHub Template for creating Google Glass Mirror. API apps on Sinatra with Ruby google-glass-mirror-ruby-sinatra-scaffold github com. Sep 3, 2013 mobile Services to talk to Google's Mirror API and deliver information to Google Glass. view raw InitialRedirect. js hosted with. ? by GitHub May 10, 2013. Ongoing work on Google Glass apps. for M2M / Internet of Things. Engine clone that acts like the API (https://github. com/Scarygami/mirror-api). Jan 1, 2014 "I, Glasshole: My Year With Google Glass": It is pretty great when you are on the road -- as Faster, More Awesome GitHub Pages · GitHub May 19, 2013. The code is available on GitHub and uses the Mirror API To view the GitHub code 'Google Glass Mirror Ruby Sinatra Scaffold' click here Wrapper for Google Glass. Mirror API v1. https://github. com/ciberch/mirror-api/ wiki In order to continue, you must be signed. in using your Github account Google's new wearable computer, Google Glass, is bringing. unheard of capabilities into new situations A popular. The app is open source. on GitHub. Facial 
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Dec 5, 2013 At a recent Google developer event, they unveiled a sneak peek for the long awaited Glass Developer Kit (GDK), which enables Android  Jun 25, 2013 However, Google Glass is a new (and perhaps even controversial). Here's the github link for "Xenologer: repackaging Google Glass XE5  ~42 users here now. News, articles and discussion about Glass, the wearable. augmented reality computer from Google. An issue with the Google Glass limited. range and view of the world Glass client for NextBus (github com) submitted  Oct 16, 2013 Tags: API, app, fitbit, google glass, integration, wearable I will update my github with the source code for the plugin in the next few days May 2, 2013 If you're the proud owner of a $1,500 Google Glass explorer edition, you can grab a copy of the source code over on GitHub It's not a. neatly  Apr 11, 2013 Google-Glass Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 4 23 48. PM exposed by the GDK and review glass hacks and resources hitting github now. Sep 11, 2013. It's hardware day here at Disrupt SF and this morning's sessions kicked off with an interview with Nicholas Woodman, founder and CEO of  Virginia Library, and more importantly, a Google Glass Explorer. Library Explorer Source on Github https://github com/dougchestnut/library-explorer  Jul 18, 2013. Google fixed one Wi-Fi security problem with its wearable computer Glass, but Symantec says there's another problem, which has been a 
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May 28, 2013 Hangouts (only works with Android 4 2 devices) http://zhuowei. github io/ Xenologer/glasshangouts-modded. apk The Home Glass works as a  May 9, 2013 Using Google Glass, Twilio, Ruby, and Sinatra. to Send and Receive SMS Messages You can see the full application. on Github here May 27, 2013. google-glass-modular Google Glass is the next revolution For the Glass Home, http://zhuowei. github io/Xenologer/glasshome-modded apk May 2, 2013. While Google Glass is not available. to the public just yet, source code at GitHub and start snapping pictures with the wink of an eye Dec 29, 2013 GlassCompute: WolframAlpha for Google Glass. query_glasscompute Problems? Report them on the GitHub GlassCompute issue tracker. May 22, 2013 iPhone-owning Google Glass owners may soon be able to get. Bell plans on uploading the tweak to GitHub. within the next few days, and  Jul 23, 2013 For all you Google Glass Explorers out there, developer Chad Smith has written the The Google Glass Analytics app is live on GitHub now. Jul 5, 2013 Google recently rolled out. an update for Glass That said, the details are coming by way of the Github page for Zhuowei who broke down  The Connection Between Google Glasses and Self-driving Humanoids Jun 7th, 2012. | Comments Adrian Holovaty Status updating @pkaushik on GitHub  Jan 1, 2014. aNewDomain net — If you have set. up your Google Glass. not only download the Glass Launcher source code from the project's GitHub page  Jul 26, 2013. Google announced at its I/O event in May that a Glass Developer Kit is on the way so devs can build more advanced apps for its headset than  May 2, 2013. Winky for Google Glass lets you take photos with the wink of an eye code at Github and compile the source with whatever tools you prefer. May 2, 2013 A Google Glass developer has created an app that allows you to take a. The Winky app, currently available through. GitHub, lets you power up  How it. works GlassFit is a very simple glassware that guides you safely through a circuit of workouts, yoga, athletic drills etc , while helping you keep track of 
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Oct 30, 2013 Google's Kurt led me to Google Maps Engine Connector for QGIS provided by Google themselves on GitHub, and there's the Google Maps  Google-Glass-Music-Player. Credit: Github Finally, a new set of cards that will make the Glass a Media Center, ideal for entertainment The XE7 code shows a  May 2, 2013 A Google Glass app has been developed. to enable users to take is available to compile via GitHub and uses an exaggerated wink as a  Jun 24, 2013 For much of the year, Andrej Bauer spent. more time on GitHub than he did on A Clever Google Glass App That Wakes Snoozing Drivers  Home; Videos; Code; Team; Contact Glass Hackers with. a Focus on. Openness, Privacy, and Fun Making Tools to Help the World See Through Google Glass  Apr 16, 2013 Google Glass is around the corner it's. time to prepare our services for. the playground. on github at https://github com/Scarygami/mirror-api. Jul 16, 2013 The best educational instruction for configuration is the Google Python Course Labels: development, github, glass, glassexplorers, python,  4 days. ago. s3mper (Github) — Netflix's library to add consistency checking to S3 Internet Cities, Defying Google Glass, Deep Learning Book, and Open  API for interacting with Glass users via the timeline Official API documentation:. https://developers google. com/glass Adding dependency to pubspec yaml.
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Jun 4, 2013. Google Glass is cool and you know it. is able to develop for Glass, I've uploaded the. whole project to GitHub, instead of a few snippets Jul 24, 2013 We recently got to try Google Glass thanks to our good friend, Jeffery Paine The quickstart app's source code is available on GitHub Dec 5, 2013. This is an updated version of flashlight on Google Glass. This flashlight. https:// github com/DeqingSun/USB_flashlight_Glass Photo Dec 05, 1  Aug 26, 2013 Although, he was able to control the AR drone via Google Glass, there. can also download it from Bublitz's GitHub profile, the report added Aug 13, 2013. Yesterday Google announced on Google+ the next version of Google Glass software XE8 This new version brings many. new features for users  Feb 22, 2012 Google reportedly will offer augmented reality glasses by the end of the year But are you ready for the pitfalls? Aug 26, 2013. Outfitted with Google Glass, Blaine Bublitz controls a drone softly floating you can download Bublitz's control program from his GitHub profile. May 14, 2013 With Google Glass already gracing the brows of developers and early adopters, new The open source MedRef app is available from GitHub We have an app for Google glass and Android phones that lets you animate your avatar. in the interface github repo create a new target called pairing-server Though I have yet to don a pair, I love the idea of Google Glasses and sales software Gone are the days (if they ever existed) it seems when you could believe 
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21 hours. ago SAN DIEGO (Reuters) - A California woman ticketed for driving while wearing Google Glass, a tiny computer mounted on an eyeglass frame,  Apr 30, 2013 Stand in a line of people in just about any major metropolitan area in the world and you'll see the same thing: slouched shoulders and  2 days ago Google Glass is doomed Why do I say that? Because. the tech press tells me so Now that we got that out of the way, what have I learned in my  13 minutes ago. Cecilia Abadie appeared in San Diego court for wearing Google Glass while driving. The charge was. thrown out 22 hours. ago. From Yahoo News: SAN DIEGO (AP) — A San Diego traffic court threw out a citation Thursday against a woman believed to be the first motorist  What is this Glass thing anyways? Google's latest. and hottest gadget needs little introduction Since its public unveiling in April 2012, the tiny head-mounted  Find great deals on eBay for Google Glass in Domain Name Services Shop with confidence. It's not a demo, more of a philosophical argument: Why did Sergey Brin and his. team at Google want to build an eye-mounted camera/computer, codenamed  May 7, 2012 Watch Later Google Glass Explorer Edition: Explained!by Marques. A Day with Google Glass | Demoby TechCrunch636,358. views · 5:41. Project Glass is an effort from Google to develop augmented reality glasses The concept for these glasses was introduced. on April 4, 2012 on a Google+ page. Nov 7, 2013 Google Glass: release date, news and features - Everything we know so far about Google's glasses: what are they, what they do and when  Google Glass is a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display ( OHMD). that is being developed by Google in the Project Glass research and  How it Feels through. Glass. Want to see how it feels to wear Glass? Learn more about what Google Glass does. Welcome to a world. through Glass. Learn more about Google Glass, the Glass Explorer program, the newest Glassware, and more. 23 hours ago Temecula woman was cited in what was believed. to be the first case of its kind Page 1 of 2.

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