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Nov 20, 2013 Google has finally decided to release the Glass Development. Kit – known as the GDK for Google Glass The announcement was made at the  Nov 19, 2013. Google has released a sneak peak of its Glass Development Kit (GDK), and while this may not directly affect the average consumer, it means 

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Dec 2, 2013 build now that you have access to the GDK - RESTful web based API - 83% of glass users have at least one third party app installed - most  Nov 26, 2013 Google has sent out invitations to developers. to buy Google Glass as it where it unveiled its Glassware Development. Kit, giving developers  Nov 19, 2013 Glass Development. Kit Sneak Peek Google Google I/O 2013 - Developing For Glassby Google. Developers25,286 views · 3:25:33 Nov 24, 2013 Google Glass developers gather for the launch of the Glass Development Kit, but they say there's still work to be done on the headset. Dec 17, 2013. The recently released Glass Developer Kit enables developers to build application which work with Google Glass using C# and Xamarin Nov 19, 2013. So far, development on Glass has been extremely limited. by the tools put in the hands of app creators. Namely the Mirror API with. its constant  Nov 19, 2013 Developers have been hard at work creating Google Glass apps, or Glassware, for months, but without a more robust first-party development  Nov 25, 2013 After wrapping up the Glass hackathon, Google has finally made the Glassware development kit (GDK) open to everyone - Tech2. Nov 19, 2013 Back at SXSW, Google announced the Glass Mirror API — the first step in allowing developers to build apps, or "Glassware" for its wearable  Nov 19, 2013 Today Google released the Glass Development Kit (GDK) as a sneak peek for developers Anyone can use it, but it lacks a Glass emulator,  Nov 19, 2013 Get the Android. 4. 3 (API 15) SDK and Glass. Development  Nov 20, 2013 The Glass Development Kit (GDK) is an add-on to the Android 
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Dec 17, 2013 The GDK APIs aren't finalized, but we thought you'd want to take it for a spin while we're working on the official Developer Preview Catch the  Nov 20, 2013 Google offered a sneak peek at its Glass Development Kit (GDK), which will give Glass developers more control in their designs Dec 4, 2013. Google released the Glass Development Kit—also. known as the GDK—in mid- November. As a Glass Explorer, I was ecstatic. to be able to start  Nov 19, 2013 Google Glass' new GDK -- or Glassware development kit -- makes it easier for application developers to tap into the hardware, even when its  Nov 24, 2013 Google (finally) released its Glass Development Kit to the world (of Glass developers) this past Tuesday While it's a welcome. bit of relief for  Google Glass is a wearable computer with an. optical head-mounted display ( OHMD) that On November 19, 2013, Google unveiled. its Glass Development Kit,  Nov 29, 2013 Google Glass Development Kit - Developer Zone How to Guide for Everything Google Glass Future of Android How to take maximum  Dec 7, 2013 This wind-breaking software innovation was only possible because of Google's recently released Glass Development Kit (GDK), which allows  Nov 19, 2013. Today Google launched the Glass Development Kit (GDK) "Sneak Preview," which will finally allow developers to make real, native apps for  Dec 29, 2013 Google Glass offers a computer display projected against one lens of the A developer version of the glasses called simply the “Developer Kit”  Nov 19, 2013 Welcome to the Java Quick Start Project! This project shows  Nov 22, 2013. Send to Glass buttons - Use these. button assets on web  The GDK is an Android SDK add-on that contains APIs for Glass-specific features. You will need to install XE12 on your Google Glass to use this component,  Nov 27, 2013. Last week Google revealed an expanded Glass Development Kit (GDK) which. opens the doors for rich apps (including augmented reality) on  Nov 19, 2013 It's time to get a handle on the Google Glass development kit - the SDK. that is - readied for developers to start making their own GlassWare 
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Nov 19, 2013 At an event in San Francisco, Google unveiled the Glass Development Kit, which lets developers build richer apps for Glass Nov 25, 2013. On +GDL, we streamed two high quality days of the Chrome Dev Summit, showed off the +Google Glass Development Kit, and hosted +Tim  Nov 20, 2013 Google Glass goes through. good and bad spells. sneak peek at its Glass software development. kit, called the Glass Development Kit, or GDK Nov 25, 2013 A preview version of Google Glass' GDK. (Glass Development Kit) has been released Some developers grumble, however, that Google has  Nov 26, 2013 First wave of Glass tools for developers starts to arrive Nov 19, 2013 Google on Tuesday provided an early look at its Glass Development Kit, which. will provide developers with tools to make more immersive app  Nov 21, 2013 Google has launched an early preview of its Glass Development Kit. ; Nov 19, 2013. Today, Google introduced the official. Google Glass Developer Kit, aka GDK The GDK is how developers can build native Glassware (i. e   Nov 25, 2013 Google has taken another step toward generating a plentiful supply of apps for Google Glass The firm has unveiled its Glass. Development Kit,  Dec 5, 2013 Xamarin has integrated the sneak peek version of Google's GDK, or Glass. Development Kit, into its cross-platform development tools, allowing  Hi guys I have developed sample card application for google glass which was working. I have already downloaded SDK platform and Glass Development Kit   Nov 19, 2013. Google has recently shared a video offering a sneak peek at the Glass Development Kit The video measures in a little shy of 40 minutes and  Google Glass Development Kit - Android SDK - Various Google Glass Development Kit (GDK) is still on its way. However, the ones used to. mould the advanced  Jan 9, 2014. Google Glass Development Kit - Google Glass is a device that. is pretty much running on a customized version of Android This is a good. thing  Dec 16, 2013. There's a glass development kit and some cool applications have already been created. In fact, Timothy Jordan, Google. Glass developer 
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Nov 20, 2013 Google offered a sneak peek at its Glass Development Kit (GDK), which will give Glass developers more control in their designs. Jun 28, 2012 Google has revealed more details of. Project Glass, making the devices a prototype version of the spectacles. and a software development kit. We'd like to give you a first look at the next phase of the Glass Developer. Platform during an exclusive, two-day hackathon in San Francisco Our Basecamp can  Dec 19, 2013 Google Glass lets you view emails, find directions and take calls right on hardware, they'll have the hardware. development kit in their hands Dec 24, 2013 This article describes how to create a simple hello world application. for Google Glass using the Glass Development Kit (GDK) As described. in  Google Glass Development Kit Sneak Peek Revision 2 - List of API Changes as Relevant to GDK Demo Apps Yesterday, my Glass was automatically updated  Nov 20, 2013 Timothy Jordan Google has given developers a sneak peek of the brand new Glass Developer Kit, which can be seen in action in the video  Nov 20, 2013 Google Glass now has a proper development kit for developers. to leverage the full capabilities of the device Nov 20, 2013 At long last Google has released its eagerly anticipated Glass Development Kit This means developers now have access to areas in the Glass  Nov 20, 2013 It was a big day for Google Glass yesterday with the release of the Glass Development Kit (GDK) The GDK finally gives developers access to  Nov 20, 2013 It also revealed five new apps, built with the new "GDK" (Glass Developer Kit), to showcase just what Glass can do when devs are allowed to  Nov 26, 2013 Google recently removed these limitations by offering developers an SDK, or in this case a GDK (Glass Development Kit), previewed here … Nov 19, 2013 Google is taking a big step towards increasing third-party app development. for Google Glass with a sneak peek at the upcoming Glass  Jun 27, 2012 In other words, Google Glass is accelerating the development of what the sdk and an emulator should get you. all the head start you need to  Dec 2, 2013 Google's Glass devices are making their way to more developers as “The sneak peek of the Glass Developer Kit (GDK) is available now,  Nov 20, 2013 Yesterday, Google officially launched the Google Glass Developer Kit (GDK). that allows developers to build glassware that works in a more 
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Nov 19, 2013 At a 'hackathon' held in San Francisco today, Google unveiled. its 'Glass Development Kit', or GDK for short. As the name suggests, this set of  Nov 27, 2013 Google has released the SDK for Google Glass, the wearable computer with the head-mounted display The SDK was revealed by Timothy  Nov 19, 2013. Today Google released a sneak peak of their Glass Development Kit (GDK) This is very exciting, as it means developers now have a tool that  Google Glass is a new paradigm in the world of connected computers, and the. Before we begin it is important that you already have the Android SDK, most  2 days ago Google Glass has had the most hype around it since Google began he hopes to launch when Google release the Glass Development Kit. Nov 21, 2013 Well, Google intends to change this with various new APIs introduced with the Google Glass Development Kit, or GDK for short These allow  Nov 20, 2013 Google offers some new features to all Glass developers Nov 19, 2013. This afternoon, Google is giving third party developers a sneak peek at what to expect when the official GDK (Glass Development Kit) drops. Google has released the SDK for Google Glass, the wearable computer with the head-mounted display Read more. Google has just announced the upcoming release of their new Glass Development Kit (GDK) As distinct from the previous Mirror API, this new  Nov 22, 2013 Google offered a sneak preview of its Glass Development Kit (GDK) and the. features that developers will be able to use to build apps for the  Dec 3, 2013 I'm hoping that one of us gets to go to the GDK day next week and can share with the group I submitted. to attend. Nov 8, 2013 Google offers the Mirror API for development of most Google Glass Applications; however, a Native Development Kit has been announced to 
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Nov 6, 2013 Mark November 19th and 20th on your. calendar, Google Glass fans That's the day Google will be unveiling the next phase of the Glass  Jan 1, 2014 aNewDomain. net – The Google Glass Development Kit, an add-on to the Android SDK, lets developers write apps that run directly on Glass Nov 19, 2013. Developers will no longer have a limited set of tools to develop apps and services for Google Glass. The company today has unveiled. the Glass  Nov 26, 2013. Google Glass invitations have been sent out to more developers, as its. where the search giant previewed the Glassware development Kit,  3 hours. ago. Google Glass is about as fancy as it. gets in technology at the moment Launched Google offers sneak peak at. Glass Development Kit (GDK) Nov 25, 2013 After wrapping up the Glass hackathon, Google has finally made the Glassware development kit (GDK) open to everyone According. to  May 16, 2013 A more full-fledged software development kit (SDK) called the Glass. Development Kit is coming, Google says, but hasn't said when The leading community dedicated to Google's 'Glass' augmented eyewear New Glass Development Kit (GDK) Shows New Realtime Augmented Reality  On the eve of her Google Glass demo at Cross Campus in Santa Monica, she did by releasing a new development kit. called GDK (Glass Development Kit). This Week in Wearables: Toq Smartwatch, Galaxy Gear Firmware Update and Google Glass Developer Kit. qualcomm-toq-smartwatch. Here's what you missed  
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Nov 20, 2013 WASHINGTON: Google has reportedly unveiled the much-awaited. app development kit for its wearable gadget Glass The Glass Development  Open Source Google Glass Development Contribute to OpenQuartz development by creating an account on GitHub GDK (Glass Development Kit) Nov 7, 2013 Google is enlisting developers to take a crack at its new Glassware Development Kit The company sent out invitations on Wednesday, inviting  Dec 10, 2013 Foresees 10% of firms using AR spectacles in 5 years A new version of its Barcode Scanner SDK software will deliver highly optimised support  Nov 20, 2013. The initial steps towards Glass development have been slow due to its limited access through the Glass Mirror API – albeit still impressive  The worse news is that if you are a developer who wants to get a heads-up on . the heads-up wearable computing revolution that Google Glass could just  Nov 19, 2013 Using Google's new Glass Development Kit, we saw an opportunity to let golfers. use Google Glass to create an entirely new experience on the  Nov 20, 2013 Glass Development Kit Sneak Peek Google's Timothy Jordan gives. a sneak peak of the new native Glass Development Kit (GDK) Oct 19, 2013. The team is waiting for the release of an official software development. kit for Google Glass to put the finishing touches on the apps Google Glass Developer and WearScript Developer News: Summary: Google Glass DEvelopment Kit coming soon for Google Glass Developers XE11 update. Jul 29, 2013 Glass Development Kit isn't ready yet, but Google wants developers to start work on apps while waiting By Stuart. Dredge. Nov 19, 2013. Google gives a sneak peak at development kit for Glass Developers can run apps offline, respond immediately to user requests and get more  Nov 20, 2013. Developers have been hard at work creating Google Glass apps, or Glassware, for months, but without a more robust first-party development  Nov 6, 2013 Most of the Google Glass Applications (Glassware) are developed using the. Mirror API however there are some serious limitations to this 
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Nov 19, 2013 Google has released an early version of the Glass Development Kit, opening the doors for leagues of new developers to create software for the  Dec 19, 2013 Atheer Labs, the Google Glass competitor that introduced itself earlier this One is a developer kit, which includes. a test version of the glasses May 17, 2013 Google Glass Explorers have been busy developing apps for the device with the Mirror API that launched alongside the hardware. Developers  Dec 10, 2013 Could 2014 see us all scanning barcodes and assessing and buying things with our Google Glasses? Software developer Scandit seems to  Dec 2, 2013. While Google Glass might be the penultimate nerd status symbol these days the company recently released its Glass Development Kit (GDK)  Exploring Google Glass and Glassware [Developer's Corner]. This leads me to think that the native Glass Development. Kit (GDK) should offer more than  Find out more about the Google Glass Developer Kit GDK for Google Glassware developers soon to be released to Glass Explorers. A Partial GDK. is available. Nov 19, 2013 With the recently released GDK, or Google development kit, developers can create more, and more versatile applications for Google Glass. Nov 14, 2013 TechRepublic's Jason Hiner has. warmed up to Google Glass the 19-20, Google is releasing its Glassware Development Kit (GDK) at a 
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Oct 9, 2013 While at this time, the video duration Glass can record is limited, an SDK would allow a developer to circumvent that. Google Glass: What It  Jul 30, 2013 Google are encouraging app developers to use its Android SDK when creating apps for Google Glass, even though it doesn't provide all the  Aug 20, 2013 "At the moment, Glass apps are limited, but Google seems to be rearing. up to release their Glass Developer Kit,'' she explains. "They are  This PDF file contains pages extracted from Programming Google Glass, published the Glass Development Kit (GDK), and. by programming Glassware ( Glass. Nov 20, 2013 Google just released the Glass Development Kit (GDK). as a sneak peek for interested developers While anyone can use it, the. GDK doesn't  Dec 29, 2013 However, Google launched Glass Development Kit preview which provide access to Explorer Expedition owners to the application  Dec 19, 2013. Atheer's rival to Google Glass, the Atheer One and Atheer development kit (also a pair of glasses) are still a little rough around the edges, but  Oct 15, 2013 The more full-featured Glass Development Kit (GDK), which will let developers create Glassware using Android code, has not yet been  Oct 26, 2013 Responsible for building applications. for Google Glass You'll work with the Android SDK until the. Glass Development Kit (GDK) is available May 16, 2013 During a technical session on Thursday, though, Google. said it is working on a broader Glass Development Kit “We're actively building it,” said 
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Nov 21, 2013 It is a lot more complex than the Mirror API, which was how developers. built “ cards” for Google Glass for beta testers. A developer kit would  Nov 20, 2013 Google has updated its GDK, or Glass Developer Kit, the tool used by developers. to create apps for Google's wearable tech Google Glass. Jun 27, 2013 The Google Glass Developer. Kit is on it's way. What will this mean for the Android market and independent developers alike? Jul 27, 2013 Google Inc. has asked developers to start working on Android apps for Google Glass before the release of the Glass Development Kit. The new ThroughTheWalls native app for Google Glass brings AR apps on Glass. Google recently announced an upcoming. Glass Development Kit that will  Nov 20, 2013 The company took the wraps off its Glass Development Kit at a Glass hackathon event on Tuesday Google has been promising. to launch the  Dec 31, 2012. Babak Parviz, head of the Google Glass project, hints at what to expect apps for Google Glass using the Android. software development kit? Aug 13, 2013 Rather than wait for the official Glass Developer Kit to hit the Google servers, Sean McCracken used his talents to begin working on Psyclops  Nov 7, 2013. At the event, scheduled for late November, Google will show off its Glassware. Software Development Kit (SDK) and allow the short list of  Apr 16, 2013 Google Glass is around the corner it's. time to prepare our services for At Google IO 2013, a GDK (Google Development Kit) was announced  Nov 20, 2013 It seems that Google has released a GDK (Glass Development Kit) for software. developers and it seems that Glass is working on being part of  Sep 27, 2013 Many Glass Explorers are already sideload. Android apk files onto their Glass install the Android Debug Bridge which comes as a part of the Android SDK. VIEW -n com android chrome/com google android apps chrome. Aug 2, 2013. Days after the announcement of Google. Glass, the device is still receiving. It has begun encouraging devs to work with the Android SDK (API 

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